Old Navy & GAP.com now ship directly to ISRAEL

This morning when checking where is the nearest brunch of Old Navy near Redmond WA (checkout Gadi M post about why I'm here) I saw a small ad in the bottom of the page I accessed it with fear that maybe they passed over Israel Again but too much of my surprise I saw the Israeli flag in between our friendly neighbors countries Old Navy http://oldnavy.gap.com/customerService/storeLocator.do# Now what's left is checking the shipping price and start ordering or even it will be like in the USA that you can order over the web and pickup/return in the physical stores...

Samsung Bada – Developers Overview – Live Blogging

8 ביולי 2010

I’m sitting in big hall listening to overview on Samsung Bada operating system for developers. Bada (Ocean in Korean) is Samsung try on making “Simple” standard mobile phones to a “Smartphone” by opening their proprietary operating system to the developers eco-system. Bada includes application store which is a gateway for the phone and includes a rich set of application layers to allow developers introduce application to new market of users with “Simple” phone that are willing to pay up to 5$ per application. The “Samsung Apps” Store exist for the last 9 months and allows you to download the application from...
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Windows Mobile 7 – Good or Bad ?

9 בפברואר 2010

This post is based on the on going buzz in the net about the capabilities of Windows Mobile 7 due this year 1. First nothing is official, wait for next Monday (Feb 15th) for the official announcement. 2. Multitasking – Still exist but this time no one can create a busy wait loop and kill the device battery in 30min (happened to me couple of times with some applications), Making software more stable and better suitable for mobile device is good at my book. 3. Flash – Why I need to ask ? first of...

What's new in WCF4.0 – Sela Devloper Practice

29 בדצמבר 2009

Join Erez Harari and my self to the last session on the SDP Wed afternoon and dive with us to the dark holes of WCF 4.0 and the changes that come with it. Listen to buzzwords like : WS-Discovery, Serialization and Configuration enhancements, Routing and a few others.See how too people that think the most about them self can still play together nicely when needed ( :-) )   

Integrating Service Buses: The full picture – Sela Developer Practice

28 בדצמבר 2009

Tomorrow afternoon Bram and myself are going to give a lecture on Sela Devloper Partice convension on the topic "Integrating Service Buses" which will explorer the Windows Azure Platform AppFabric. In order to see who/how can enjoy the benefits of Service Bus and how can we use the in existing project you need to register to the convension (It is not too late) and come and see our amazing session and demos.  

PDC09 – Day 2 – Keynotes – Live blogging

18 בנובמבר 2009

PDC09 – Day 2 – Keynotes – Live blogging Last yesterday we are sitting in amazing place 8 row just in front of the stage creating a homorganic row of blue shirts (There is a power in numbers). Even that this happened after an hour of the keynotes I need to put this first : FREE LAPTOP !!! Steven just Announced that we all going to get a FRESH NEW LAPTOP from Acer to all. The crowed just jumped out of their chairs for that. When we first come to the...

PDC09 – Day 1 Summery

PDC09 – Day 1 Summery Last night I come back to the hotel from the convention center around 19:00 and waited for the Israeli delegation dinner to start at 21:00, without understanding how I woke up at 7:00 the next day and missed a hell out amazing steak dinner leaded by Guy B from Microsoft IL. I got 3 posts waiting for final editing that I may release today on DirectX 11 Direct2D, SQL Server Spatial Data Types and .Net Micro Framework (Amazing Staff) so stay tuned. I’m going to have a session on this topics...
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PDC09 – Day 1 – Keynotes with Ray Ozzie & Bob Muglia

17 בנובמבר 2009

PDC09 – Day 1 – Keynotes with Ray Ozzie & Bob Muglia – Live blogging I'm sitting on the 8th row in the center in-front of the stage with 3 other coworkers from Sela waiting for Ray Ozzie to come up and started talking about S+S and the flow of changes that come since talking about Windows Azure and Office Online / Services. View Full Album The main topic for today keynote is cloud computing and the connection of multi platforms like Desktop/Netbook/Phone/TV to the cloud and its services. Looking for seamless multi screen experiences that is based on the web...