Red-Gate Released .Net Reflector 6.8 the Last FREE Version

31 במאי 2011

Red-Gate Released .Net Reflector 6.8 the Last FREE Version

Red Gate announced couple of months ago that the next version of .Net Reflector won’t come in two flavors as it used to be. The free version was removed and only 3 types of paid application will be available. This announcement started a large community noise calling Red Gate to re-think about this step. As a result of the huge amount of complaints red-gate decided to release a new version (6.8) only for people that use the 6.6 or 6.7 version. The new version don’t have any of the Pro features or bug fixes of version 7. BUT it doesn’t have the 6 months time bomb earlier versions had.

For thus of you with didn’t worked with .Net Reflector before here is the short story. A guy named Lutz developed and supported the .Net reflector application from day 1. the application was shareware and required just supplying an e-mail address for download. there was no checks on the email and no registration required. Sometime during 2008 Lutz sold the code and rights for the Reflector to Red-Gate and started working at Microsoft. Red-Gate continued developing newer versions of the Reflector and introduce a “Time Bomb” into the application. Once every 6 month you had to download a new version of the application. If you wouldn’t accept the “refresh” the application would close, if the date of the computer was changed backward the application checks were fooled and you can keep running. This was used in specific at environments where development computer don’t have an Internet connection and every binary files need to pass a gated checks for security reasons.

When Red-Gate introduce version 6.6 they changed the “Time Bomb” behavior… instead of just closing the application it deleted it self…

This new behavior in combined with the paid version only announcement resulted in the large community noise which made Red-Gate change their plans. The Reflector version 7 would remain a paid application but anyone who have a version 6.6 or 6.7 installed will receive a last free update to version 6.8. This version will require email based registration for up to 5 computers. On the day of the announcement Red-Gate removed the 6.7 versions from the download page allowing only to people that had it installed already to update.

I won’t get into the emotional and practical side of the Red Gate decision or the debate they started at the community but I think this screenshot can summaries some of the feelings :


Anyway… What’s next

Version 6.8 was released earlier this week and available for update only. The following was copied from Red Gate Forum and contains the instructions for the update and registration & activation :

“Based on a large amount of community feedback and the success of version 7, we’re releasing a version of .NET Reflector 6 with no expiry date for existing users. This will be a stripped down version without any of the bug fixes or new features in version 7 and it will not be supported going forward.
This version of Reflector will only be available to current users via the check for updates mechanism in existing copies of Reflector. It will be available from early May and no separate download will be available.
For most people (using Reflector 6.6) the upgrade procedure will go as follows:

    • On April 30, Reflector version 6.6 will warn of an upcoming expiry. Users should ignore the warning that this will be the last free version of Reflector.
    • The auto update mechanism in any version of Reflector 6 can be used to automatically download V6.8 until the end of August. This does not require a visit to the Red Gate website.
    • A serial key that will activate the free V6.8 license on as many as five machines will be sent via email to the user. There will be no other commercial use of email addresses, but the free version will contain news and promotion about the newest paid versions of .NET Reflector.

If you have any other version of Reflector and it asks you to update then just click 'Yes'. This may upgrade you to an interim version, after which you can update to the final version in May.”

I Already upgraged :


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