Mix11 Here I’m

11 באפריל 2011

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Mix11 Here I’m

As you maybe aware this week the Mix11 conference is happening at Las Vegas. Sela has taken 13 consultants and 2 managers and sent us here. This is as far as I’m aware of the biggest delegation from any company beside Microsoft them self.

I arrived Sunday afternoon to the Las Vegas airport after a very long flight with multiple connection just to discover 2 things.

  1. My suitcase is ruined by the airline, broken zippers and a nice cut on the side.
  2. In order to get to the hotel I need to grab a taxi, and the taxi line looks like this :

I waited almost 40 min in that line when other options where even longer or WAY more expensive.

We are all staying at the Luxor hotel which is very nice and built like an Egyptian pyramid

and I got a very nice room on that 29th floor with great views :


This morning I woke up from jetlag sleep and run to the convention grounds which is at the near by hotel the Mandalay Bay. Long walk, coffee to go on the way and I’m hitting another LONG QUEUE, this time the queue to registration. After 30 min in the queue someone from the organizing team realized that if this continues no one will get to the boot-camp session which where schedule to 9am. So they told everyone to register later and just go the halls.


I’m siting in Silverlight boot-camp to brush my skills after long time I didn’t touch it and later on today re-brush my Windows Phone 7 skills.


I will try to post any news/interesting thing I encounter this week so make sure you check my blog.

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