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8 ביולי 2010

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I’m sitting in big hall listening to overview on Samsung Bada operating system for developers.

Bada (Ocean in Korean) is Samsung try on making “Simple” standard mobile phones to a “Smartphone” by opening their proprietary operating system to the developers eco-system.

Bada includes application store which is a gateway for the phone and includes a rich set of application layers to allow developers introduce application to new market of users with “Simple” phone that are willing to pay up to 5$ per application. The “Samsung Apps” Store exist for the last 9 months and allows you to download the application from the phone it self of from PC client which called “Kies”. The store also have a web front at the allows you to browse the application, any download forward you back to the PC client. Payment for application is done either through the cellular provider or by using credit card payment.

Here are some pictures from the first presentation on what is Bada :

Samsung claim to allow/support other devices like TV sets and Camera (Video/Stills) in the Apps Store.

More to follow…

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