PDC09 – Day 2 – Keynotes – Live blogging

18 בנובמבר 2009

PDC09 – Day 2 – Keynotes – Live blogging

Last yesterday we are sitting in amazing place 8 row just in front of the stage creating a homorganic row of blue shirts (There is a power in numbers).

IMG_1379 IMG_1381

Even that this happened after an hour of the keynotes I need to put this first :


Steven just Announced that we all going to get a FRESH NEW LAPTOP from Acer to all. The crowed just jumped out of their chairs for that. When we first come to the PDC we asked our self what will be the “Gift” this year, last year it was a external HD but this year MS come out and surprise us all.

 IMG_1402 IMG_1403

And now back to the keynotes

Steven Sinofsky from Microsoft just come on stage and starting talking about development for Windows7.

Microsoft learned a lot from development of Windows7 :

  • Solving the existing problems and add-on Innovation
  • Engineering 7” developers blog that was full with on going problems that the developers team encounter and very active dialog with the developers community from around the world.
  • Ecosystem readiness – Vista was pre-mature for the market, the HW wasn’t ready (Drivers and Performance)
  • Software Quality And Windows Error Reporting – Online reporting from problems during the Beta and RC, Helped the development and the readiness of the Eco-Systems – Note – I wish we could do something like that but I guess you need to be large enough to make people opt-in to this type of telemetry collecting.

As part of the learning progress Microsoft learned that most people don’t hold the latest and greatest computer hardware and all of the demos are shown in a variety of computers

Internet Explorer 9

as part of the commitment of MS to make sure that IE won’t set a standard (like IE6 did) but to comply with the world wide web standards a new release of IE9 comes :

  • Standards – HTML 5, ACID3
  • Performance – JavaScript improvements – IE9 is as fast as any other browser beta out in the field.
  • Round corners boarders for IE
  • Hardware assist rendering without change in the Website (Direct2D / Direct Write) this is amazing change that allow the web browser to take advantage of the hardware abilities that it runs on. The main change is again that NO CHANGES were done on the website.

Scott Gu

IMG_1405Silverlight, Silverlight, Silverlight, Silverlight, All of Silverlight 3 that was released 4 months ago with Expression Blend3 and Sketchflow.

Some demos displayed with sporting websites with DVR support and instendt slow motions. IMG_1409Victoria Secret Fashion show is going to broadcast in Silverlight3 and so on the little sport event that called Winter Olympic





When Silverlight3 was aannounced on July 2009 Silverlight IMG_1411had an Install base of 


Today less than 5 months after Silverlight got





Tons of new features in Silverlight4

 IMG_1413 IMG_1414

IMG_1415Accessing camera and microphone supporting your local hardware.



New pixelshader built in the engine

IMG_1417 new IIS Smooth Streaming – making sure that the amount of data streamed from the server to the browser is based on the real time state of the network and the client application.

Silverlight media experience on CodePlex.com

This is already supports iPhone and any other non natively supported browsers and devices.  just changing a single checkbox on the IIS admin applet.

Live Demo – Crash, Stott tried to display the new feature on iPhone and had to switch 4 devices before it worked (“please, please said Scott”)

Other Amazing New Feature and some of them are way overdue :

  1. Printing !!!

  2. Rich Text
  3. Clipboard Access, Selecting text from Data grid can work to Excel
  4. Right Click
  5. Mouse Wheel
  6. Implicit Styles
  7. Drag/Drop
  8. Bidi & RTL
  9. HTML hosting – Use the HTML content as brush to paint any Silverlight control
  10. Commanding MVVM
  11. New Controls
  12. Share Assemblies Across SL and .Net4
  13. UDP Multicast support
  14. REST Enhancements
  15. WCF Improvements – TCP Channel Support
  16. WCF RIS Services

Scott Hanselman


Scott replace Scott and started showing off a live demo of the new RIA services and some off the new features of Silverlight4

Back to Scott

Scott Gu come back to stage and showed off some new feature like :

  1. Trusted Application – Running outside of the sandbox

  2. Accessing Windows API
  3. Microsoft Office interoperability 
  4. Performance – Twice as fast, 30% faster startup and New profiling support
  5. Still 10 second install process


Beta – Now Available – silverlight.net

Release – before Q2 2010


Today keynotes gave us a better feeling than yesterday, Maybe this is just me but this happen also last year with the Windows7 annoucement.

We heading out to pick up our new Toy.

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