WDC on 04/05 – Security in the Web 2.0 World

28 באפריל 2008

After a short break we made in the community schedule, because of Tech-Ed Eilat that started on the day of the recurring schedule of our meetings... we're meeting again !!! Because of a large demand from the community members, this meeting is about Security. This time Nimrod Luria a member of the Microsoft ACE Team, is going to talk about "Security in the Web 2.0 World" and as a well known expert on the security field he is going to dazzle you with his knowledge. The lecture is going to reach out and touch one of the most amazing...
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Sexy Web MVC & DDC lecture – Summary & Files

12 באפריל 2008

That's it, another Tech-Ed conference came to its end, and once again I'm impressed by the outcome, mainly it's because I'm familiar with the hard and excellent work of the  Microsoft Israeli team to raise this kind of an event. I was really glad to see so many people attending my session, and to see the interest in the technologies I was talking about. I think that a very interesting technology future is lying ahead of us, and it's always great to drive this road with people that you like. For those of you who missed My...
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