Azure is taking it even Higher !

30 בנובמבר 2010

Last day on Tech-Ed Eilat 2010, and Finally after tons of work on the last two days I have the time to hang around as a participate in some lectures, and what can I say? we have a great team of speakers here that you just sometimes frustrated that you can’t be in more than one place at a time (at least we have the lectures recorded.)   Anyway, the real reason for this post is to get your attention on the new .NET SDK 1.3 for the Azure platform and the availability of the new portal...
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Next Meeting of WDC–Web Developers Community

7 בנובמבר 2010

Because of Tech-Ed and a few other large events on this time of year, most of the User Groups events have been postponed to December, and that will also be the case in WDC, so although we won’t have a meeting this month, we will have a meeting next month on December 5th. Most of the Time, on conferences and meetings we are talking about the newest technologies and how to use them tomorrow.  Because I got a feedback from you that you’d like to hear more about how to use and Architect your systems with...
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Working in Microsoft

19 בספטמבר 2010

After working with Microsoft as a partner, consultant and  lecturer for around 12 years, I decided to join Microsoft and work as a full time employee with this great team that I so appreciate. In my new job, I will lead the Azure Platform technology in Microsoft Middle East and Africa (MEA), and in this role I’ll work with a lot of service vendors, partners and various types of companies to help them move onto the cloud. It’s an amazing and  fascinating world builds on Data Centers, cloud platform, storage, fabric and much more,...
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I’m leaving Sela

17 באוגוסט 2010

After almost 10 years, I'm leaving Sela, and I'm going on a new path. It's been a wonderful period that besides of giving me the opportunity to deep dive into enormous amount of materials and technologies, it gave me the opportunity to meet great colleagues and top of the line professionals, some of them were already there, and some of them joined Sela over the years. Working in Sela was like a second home, you are always treated nicely, and you are always welcome to say what you think out loud, the opportunity to be a professional...
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OData Today at WDC (Web Developers Community)

1 באוגוסט 2010

  For those of you who plans to come to the WDC meeting today about one of the most hot subjects today which is OData ! I uploaded the presentation so you can download it from here before the lecture :   For those of you who still missed the event on Microsoft site or are not yet registered to the group mailing list, here is a link to the event itself :   Details and Registration   See you there,
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I am a Microsoft MVP (again)!

3 ביולי 2010

I’m honored to say that I got the Microsoft MVP award for ASP.NET once again. The last year was really exciting on the Web Development part, and I was really happy to see so many developers  that “webify” their applications, and that got so much interest on different web technologies, web architectures and integrated scenarios. I sure hope that the next year will be another good year on the web side, for ASP.NET web forms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, Silverlight, IIS, jQuery, and well… everything else that I was talking about on the past year on conferences,...
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MSDN Event – VS2010 for Web Developers

14 ביוני 2010

Thank you all for coming to my lecture today at Microsoft, it was a quick run on a lot of new technologies and it was great to see so many people with so many questions. On the lecture I talked about ASP.NET 4 Web development, and about VS2010 as a tool, and I also presented the large picture that MS have about Web Development and the combination of ASP.NET Ajax, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC. The slides and demos will be available at Microsoft Israel site, but in the meantime you can download...
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MVC 2 @ WDC – Slides

8 במאי 2010

I would like to thank all of you who came to my session on last Thursday (May 6th 2010). I was very glad to see so many people that took interest on the ASP.NET MVC platform, and to hear so many questions and thoughts about this subject. Here are a few more recommended links that I mentioned during the presentation : jQuery UI MVC Contrib Project Spark View Engine MVC on ASP.Net site And as I promised, you...
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Dev Academy 4 Wrap up

23 במרץ 2010

Thank you all for attending my session “ASP.NET 4 – What’s in it for me?” on Developer Academy 4 yesterday, and I hope that you enjoyed it as much I did ! You can download the presentation and demo files from here : (and it’ll also be available for download from here on the following days) I was delighted to see that so many people today are interested in ASP.NET development and want to step up the technology curve. For those of you who’s been there or for the ones that going to watch...
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Developer Academy 4 : ASP.NET 4 – What’s in it for me ?

16 במרץ 2010

Programming ASP.NET Applications that really works is not an easy task, and finally on the last version of ASP.NET 4 Microsoft did it, and many features that were missing on previous versions made it to this platform. There are a lot of new versions of many Technologies that made it through the phase of being released to manufacture, and I guess that in every new technology, the first question that come to mind is “It’s great that Microsoft are working hard, but… hmm… what’s in it for me?”, well.. on Developer Academy 4 I’m going to talk about...
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