The case of failed Check Point SSL VPN connections on Windows 8.x

11 במרץ 2015

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By: Netanel Ben-Shushan

Special thanks to Mr. Alexander Shlapakov from the Israeli Rural Education Ministry for allowing me to share his issue and take screenshots.


When trying to connect from any Windows 8.x (8 & 8.1) to Check Point SSL VPN Portal from supported and valid browser (such as Internet Explorer) we're getting the following error:

"SSL Network Extender Service is down and could not be started. Consider rebooting the computer."


After following the instructions on the pop-up message, I've reboot the machine with no luck connecting to the SSL VPN portal.

So, after some troubleshooting I've found in appliance's logs that the issue occurs since the SSL Network Extender (SNX for short) can't install itself on the machine using ActiveX.

Follow these recommendations to work around this issue and connect successfully to your SSL VPN portal:

  1. Download and install with administrative rights a SNX, this link contains the R71 SNX. (Don't worry if this installation is old, at the first connection to the SSL VPN portal, Check Point will ask you to upgrade your SNX to your appliance's compatible version).
  2. Uninstall from Programs and Features the Check Point Deployment Shell.


3. Reboot the machine and try to connect to the SSL VPN portal again.

4. Contact Check Point for permanent solution.


That's it! After following these steps you'll be able to successfully connect to the SSL VPN portal using your Check Point SSL Network Extender Service.

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one comment

  1. Itai12 במרץ 2015 ב 11:08

    Thank you very much.
    Very nice article 🙂