Setting up subversion for visual studio

20 ביוני 2009

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Subversion (AKA SVN) is good choice for source control if you don’t want to pay for licenses.

For setting up the subversion source control for visual studio you need to do the following:

1) Install the subversion plug in –

2) for more operation and user interface install –

3) for the SVN repository you have couple of choices:

a. Install one on your machine. Download and install the SVN server ( For this you have to be ready to do some extra install (like web server) and do some configurations. The benefit is that you have full control on the server

b. Open a SVN repository on one of the providers on the web. I found and open main at, you can find much more by googling "SVN host/repository". The differences between the hosts are is like everything in life – what you get in return. Much more you pay you get more security and storage. If you will choose a free one then you get up to 500M (which is more the enough for small projects) but not of those hosts are guaranty that you sources will be secured.

Bottom line, Choose the one that fits your needs.

After following those steps you will get a VisualSVN menu in your visual studio


As you can see there are all the common actions for source control. Update, commit, get and add solution from and to source control and more.

You can see it in more detail in the following tutorial:

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