Add configuration intelliSense for Unity Application Block

28 ביוני 2009

Unity Application Block is part of entLib 4.1, unfortunately its configuration section is not editable via entLib configuration editor. The editor probably will be updated in the next version of entLib 5.0, till then the best that we can do is add intelliSense to the configuration file.  First download the xsd file of Unity from and copy that to c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Xml\Schemas . After that go to your configuration file, open it for edit, open the properties, go to schemas and open the editor, check the use box for unoty.xsd After that you will be able to...
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Setting up subversion for visual studio

20 ביוני 2009

Subversion (AKA SVN) is good choice for source control if you don’t want to pay for licenses. For setting up the subversion source control for visual studio you need to do the following: 1) Install the subversion plug in - 2) for more operation and user interface install - 3) for the SVN repository you have couple of choices: a. Install one on your machine. Download and install the SVN server ( For this you have to be ready to do some extra install (like web server) and do...
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