Managing WCF service instances

24 בנובמבר 2007

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When you first time run your WCF service (http://localhost/myCoolService.svc) you get a nice tutorial, made by Microsoft, that explain you how you should use the service. This is not hard to notice that you should close every connection you made to a service. Like this:

MyServiceClient client = new MyServiceClient();

I am using a lot of services in my apps and I don’t want to kip in mind that all the time I am using a service instance I have to remember to close the connection. So I wrote a simple code that handles the closing for me.

public class ServicesFactory : IDisposable
    List<object> services;

    public ServicesFactory()
        services = new List<object>();

    public T CreateService<T>() where T : ICommunicationObject
        T service = Activator.CreateInstance<T>();
        return service;

    #region IDisposable Members

    public void Dispose()
        foreach (object obj in services)
            ICommunicationObject currService = (ICommunicationObject)obj;
            if (currService.State != CommunicationState.Closed)



Now every time I will create a service instance I will do it this way.

using (ServicesFactory factory = new ServicesFactory())
    WCFServiceEx.Client.Calculate.CalculateClient client = 

    // do service logic.

That will make shore that the connection of all the instances that I made in the scope will be closed as soon as the code in the scope will finished.

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