Manage your web projects deployment

18 במאי 2007

We all know how to extent and run MSBuild with our library console and forms applications, but what about the web applications?Dose anyone ask himself once – where did the .proj file of my web project gone?To solve this mystery Microsoft has come with Web Deployment Projects.Now by simply clicking on our web project and editing a Web Deployment Projectyou get a .wdproj, which is exactly functioning like the .proj file. And you can you it advances oprions to manage your section in the config file depending on the compilation mode (release, debug or add one of your...
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MSBuild Logger Verbosity

When you build your .net 2.0 projects there are notes appear in the Output window. Those notes are generated by the MSBuild engine. By default the verbosity detailing level of those notes is very common and don't include all the output that given by MSBuild.You can change the verbosity detailing level by changing the following key in the registry HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-57989841-1409082233-839522115-1003\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\General key value named MSBuildLoggerVerbosity.There are four levels, the default is 2. If you want to see the messages then you have to set the value at least to 3. I don’t recommend setting the 4 level because...
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Extending the build process – GacUtil task

As part of planning a daily build process I needed to register the current assembly to the GAC. I was Surprised to find that there is no such a task that came with the VS tasks kit. And I was event more surprised to not find such a task in the common extension tasks kit for MSBuild. So I said "This all mechanism is so easily extendable so why no write a task for my own to cover this issue? – and practice in writing MSBuild tasks in the way". So that's what I did.I write some custom...
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Daily Builds

I have started learning a while ago about automatic build tools. The purpose of such tools is to automate the build process of your application to determinate time interval - let say once a day. The benefits of such a process are:1) Every morning you have most up to date application running in your test server.2) In some future scenarios every morning you can get a list of all the tests that not run well by your unit tests.3) Because the build process is occurring every day, its make a high quality level of the code made by...
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A great day at work

A couple of days ago I got a chance to be part of something amazing. I am working as a programmer for almost three year and I never been a part of something like that. The story goes like this. As part of a new project that me and my team just started, we checking some tools and programs that we can get help of to manage faster development. In fact, one of our departments has an application that they have developed a while ago which almost completely covers one part of our project. So we ask them...
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A maple cake recipe

Yesterday I had munch for something sweet, so I made a maple cake.The recipe is very simple: The groceries are:3 eggs.2 vanilla sugar packages.1 1/4 glasses of flour.1 cap of sour cream (about 140g).3/4 glass of sugar.1/2 glass of oil.Maple syrupFor decoration - almond. Combine all the groceries (without the maple syrup), by the order they are written until you got smooth dough. Move it into two English cake patterns. Bake it in oven, that been warmed ahead for 180C, for about 30 minutes. Take out the cakes after they got brown and a splinter that you stuck...
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Const vs. Static Readonly

If you declare a variable, within the same scope, using those declaration statements you got the same result – a variable that is initialized in declaration and can't be modified after. So what really the difference?The main difference is in the way those two declarations are compiled. Const statement saved in to the project output in compile time as is, and static readonly statement is set only when it's evaluates first time at run time. In fact what is saved within the project output is a link to this field and not the data itself.The way this little...
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Add source control options to VS 2005

If you install your VSS (or any other source control) after you have installed the VS 2005, the VS 2005 have no binding to this source control and options to handle the control won't appear in the menu.To enable this go to – tools/source control, and select your source control in the drop down list. After that the options appear under File menu and you could use you source control happily.
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ESRI 9.2 products – new features

Hi, this week I was at Systematic conference that took place in tel-aviv. Systematic is represent ESRI's products in Israel.there are the most important issues that I took from there. Changes with SDEThere are three new geo databases:1. Personal SDE – support up to 1 user editing and 3 users viewing2. WorkGroup SDE - support up to 10 user editing and 10 users viewing.Build on base SQL server express and have its limits, like each database file can be up to 4G and etc.3. File Geo Database – all the geographic data saved in system files, this Geo...
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Command prompt – Auto complete

There is functionality build in CMD (windows command prompt), which allow to auto complete your folders/files names while you typing, by pressing the Tab key. This functionality should come out of the box with windows XP, without doing any spatial configuration, but for some reason it no always does.To enable this very helpful functionality, open the registry (run "regedit"), navigate to this path , find those keys and configured them as followingCompletionChar= 9PathCompletionChar= 9 Enjoy.
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