TFS + VS 2012 update 1 is here

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HiTFS/VS 2012 update 1 released.Many bugs were fixed and great new features added.For example, TFS 2012 web access keeps getting better and better with new features like Kanban board (Requirements board, in addition to the task board), counters for links/attachments on tabs, drag & drop tasks to team members for assigning, and more...List of the new features here.The next planned update (2) will be revolutionary:  Test case management + executing manual test in TFS WEB ACCESS.I'm waiting for that.Download update 1  here.The TFS Server update is in ISO format. The VS update is 1.1 MB msi, and when you...

TFS 11 web access

Friday, April 6, 2012

גרסת TFS 11 מציעה מגוון יכולות חדשות ושיפורים מרחיקי לכת. כוללת Team Explorer חדש, מהיר וידידותי למפתחים, יכולות ניהול תצורה מתקדמות (Local Workspace למשל), אבל בואו נתרכז בממשק ה- web. ממשק ה- web בגרסת 11 הופך לכלי דומיננטי מאד בעבודה מול TFS. מרבית יכולות האדמיניסטרציה עברו ל- Web: הרשאות, Areas & Iteration וגם הגדרת התרעות (Alerts). ממשק ה- web מאפשר לנו להגדיר פרופיל עבורנו, שם נוכל להגדיר לנו כינוי (לא חייבים להיצמד לשם ב- Active directory...), להוסיף תמונה, וגם לקבוע הגדרות אזור המתאימות לנו בממשק ה- web. ...

TFS 11 Beta: The web interface

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hi Started using TFS 11 Beta. Great features. Great improvements. Amazing new features in Team Explorer 11 for the developers, check Brian Harry’s post here. Rich, fast, and re-written user interface. But let’s talk about the web interface. TFS web interface becomes a main tool for administrating the team project and for the project management. TFS 11 is smarter: we manage “Teams”. Team has members. We set the areas & iterations that are relevant to the team. We set each member’s capacity to an iteration. At last, iterations have start & end dates.  So TFS can help us and detect...

Work item definition modifications not shown in Team System Web Access

Monday, March 1, 2010

I made some modifications on a work item definition, specially regarding to the state transitions. I uploaded my modifications to the server (TFS 2008 SP1), and performed refresh in my team explorer to view the changes. Everything OK. But when I tried to view my modifications using Team System Web Access – I saw the old definitions. “Refresh cache” option did not help. I googled it and found a post providing the solution: use the magic word - iisreset. It works.
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