TF400744 in RestoreOriginalRecoveryModel.sql while upgrading TFS


Hi While performing TFS upgrade from 2012 update 3 to 2012 update 4, got this error: TF400744: An error occurred while executing the following script: RestoreOriginalRecoveryModel.sql. Failed batch starts on the line 1. Statement line: 1. Script line: 1. Error: 5069 ALTER DATABASE statement failed. SQL version: 2012 SP1. The error occurred while upgrading the project collection database (after all verification tests passed). After restoring from snapshot and returning to valid configuration, we checked the recovery model of TFS databases: recovery model was set to "Full". Performed the following: 1. installed SQL 2012 SP1 CU8 (Just to be sure we have all hotfixes) 2. Set all TFS...
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