wrong changeset number appears in buildDetail.SourceGetVersion? (+solution)


Hi In TFS build template xaml, I use buildDetail.SourceGetVersion and *always* get last changeset, even If I queued a build using specific changeset. Here’s what happened. Step by step. My customer asked me that the build number format will contain changeset. Something like MYBuildDefinition_C5586_20131218.1 Modified Xaml: Properties: Checked in, queued builds. If I don’t mention specific changeset for build (using latest version) – then it works 100% ! Now I queue build using previous changeset and type C5586 in getVersion field Here’s what happened: started build for c5585, named by c5589 Solution: BuildDetail.SourceGetVersion does not matter. It is “GetVersion” (workspace property) that matters. The Fix: Check GetVersion for override. If null or empty...
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