"But why are the TFS team alerts not working?"


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Since TFS 2012 the alerts system has been improved dramatically, allowing us to create alerts which affects all team members.
The alerts administration is web based and does not need any plug-in or a client tool.

However, I’ve been asked why do the individual alerts continue to work and to send email upon a trigger, whie an alert set for the team does not do the same.

When individual do not work, we check SMTP settings, we check the query which the alert is based on, and we look for errors in event log.

But now situation is different: individual alerts work, no erros, and still – no team alerts.

2 main reasons:

1. Team Members.

since TFS 2012, we create teams, we add members to team and automatically they become contributors (unless you specify other).
the team alert is related to team – no to team project.
and if you upgraded your TFS from 2010, then your team project contains a team with 0 members. that’s one of the reasons that alerts not sent.

2. email setting for users in Active Directory.

TFS allows us to set our preffered email address for alerts, but this setting is relevant for inidividual alerts only!
In order to make team alerts work – verify email settings for the users in AD.


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