[Unsupported] Multiple build controllers on a single machine

I've been asked about this issue: how to create multiple build controllers on a single machine. First of all: Why should we? This is needed in a TFS environment with many TFS Team project collections. Each build controller can serve one TFS Team project collection only. So assuming we have a build machine strong enough for handling massive amount of builds from several collections, we are forced to provide multiple machines to host each controller. The workaround - Unsupported! - is to setup a multiple build controllers environment on a single machine, here's 2 posts about it: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/jimlamb/archive/2010/04/13/configuring-multiple-tfs-build-services-on-one-machine.aspx http://marknic.net/2010/05/14/multiple-tfs-2010-build-controllers-on-a-single-build-box/...
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Update to MSSCCI provider 2010 – critical for vs2005 connect TFS2012


 HiOne of the biggest issues in TFS 2012 migration is the VS2005 users in XP.1. Team Explorer 2005 cannot connect TFS 20122. MSSCCI 2012 cannot be used - it needs Team explorer 2012 that cannot be installed in XP3. MSSCCI 2010 refuses (until now, no more) to connect VS2005Customers were forced to migrate from Visual Studio 2005 or from XP in order to connect their developers, or to suspend TFS migration. VS2005 with XP is no longer an issue - updated MSSCCI 2010 is here, VS2005 can connect TFS 2012.Read here Dan
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