TF60008: VSS database version older than 6.0 – When migrating from VSS to TFS


I was performing a conversion from Visual Source Safe to Team Foundation Server, using SRL’s legendary check list. Phase 1 – Analyzing using VSS tool, completed successfully. Phase 2 – Analyzing using TFS tool (VSSConverter analyze) – could not start because of an error: TF60008:  The VSS database version is older than 6.0. The VSS converter only supports database versions 6.0 or above. Please upgrade the database version and try again. Visual Source Safe database must be converted to version 6 before TFS migration, but how? The Solution (Thanks to Leon Langleyben)...

Work item definition modifications not shown in Team System Web Access


I made some modifications on a work item definition, specially regarding to the state transitions. I uploaded my modifications to the server (TFS 2008 SP1), and performed refresh in my team explorer to view the changes. Everything OK. But when I tried to view my modifications using Team System Web Access – I saw the old definitions. “Refresh cache” option did not help. I googled it and found a post providing the solution: use the magic word - iisreset. It works.
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Rename TFS work item definition? possible in 2010

Before TFS 2010, renaming work item definition was a complex task. What we had to do was to create a NEW definition using the new name and all other definitions of the original work item, and to re-create all work items and lose all modification history. In TFS 2010, all we have to do is to rename work item definition using command line tool witadmin.exe Dan
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