Manage IIS virtual directories and application pools using C#


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We can manage IIS using c# code, it’s a good option to automate our modifications on the IIS servers.

A great and inspiring code by Robbe Morris for that can be found here.

Here’s in brief – how to manage the IIS:

using System.DirectoryServices; // of course …

How to connect IIS:
DirectoryEntry iisServer = new DirectoryEntry(“IIS://” + myServerName + “/W3SVC/1”);


How to manage virtual directories:

Get root of virtual directories (the web site):
DirectoryEntry folderRoot = iisServer.Children.Find(“Root”, “IIsWebVirtualDir”);

Locate a virtual dir under it:
DirectoryEntry myVirDir = folderRoot.Children.Find(myVirtualDirectoryName, “IIsWebVirtualDir”);

or create it:
 folderRoot.Children.Add(myVirtualDirectoryName, “IIsWebVirtualDir”);

Set the virtual directory path:
myVirDir.Properties[“Path”].Insert(0, realPath);

Set Windows authentication:
myVirDir.Properties[“AuthNTLM”][0] =true;

Set Anonymous access:
myVirDir.Properties[“AuthAnonymous”][0] = true;
myVirDir.Properties[“AnonymousUserName”][0] = Username;
myVirDir.Properties[“AnonymousUserPass”][0] = password;

Set default page:
myVirDir.Properties[“EnableDefaultDoc”][0] = true;
myVirDir.Properties[“DefaultDoc”].Value = strMyDefaultPage;

Commit changes after modifying:


How to manage application pools:  

Get Application Pools Root:
DirectoryEntry iisServerPools = new DirectoryEntry(“IIS://” + serverName + “/W3SVC/AppPools”);

Locate a pool:
DirectoryEntry applPoolEntry = iisServerPools.Children.Find(myApplPoolName,”IIsApplicationPool”);

In addition – how to set application pool identity (not in the link above):
applPoolEntry.Properties[“WAMUserName”][0] = username;
applPoolEntry.Properties[“WAMUserPass”][0] = password;
applPoolEntry.Properties[“AppPoolIdentityType”][0] = 3; ///0  for LocalSystem, 1 for  LocalService, 2  for NetworkService, 3 for SpecifiedUser

And do not forget to CommitChanges…







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  1. Richard16/02/2010 ב 03:20

    Great helped with some stuff Iw as working on.

    I used this as the base for loading a list of App Pools into a I need a way to recycle an App Pool…any ideas?


    P.S. I got as far as the .Invoke(….)

    1. Ian12/07/2014 ב 02:36

      I assume by now you have moved on but for other looking for more documentation on recycling app pools there is a good article here.

  2. jhon18/12/2012 ב 13:16

    I have a project in with c #, I need to create an installer that you post in the iis.

    What should I do? What are the next steps?

    I need the installer:

    Create the virtual directory
    copy the project folder
    assign the user with permission

  3. Les Ferguson18/02/2015 ב 00:55

    It was posted long ago and far away, but…
    Any suggestions for tracking down exception of type ‘System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException’, when trying to instantiate a DirectoryEntry as shown here?

    1. Les Ferguson18/02/2015 ב 04:50

      OK, so IIS7 does not implement this interface by default, but it can be enabled by adding in IIS 6 Management Compatibility.