Debugging: Visual Studio 2013 take 4 times as long to build my project

17 בMay 2015

For several days I’ve been building my solution, with 30+ projects and have noticed that when building, rebuilding, or cleaning my solution building would take a very long time, about 4 times as long as other peers in my team. This occurred when trying to build using MSBuild as well as Incredibuild.

I checked Incredibuild connectivity to server and all the build configurations both on the Incredibuild agent settings as well as in the VS build settings, all values were as expected. After scanning my computer for viruses and checking sufficient memory, I remembered that I had enabled the Fusion Log in the registry a couple of days earlier.

I solved my slow build time issues immediately once I changed my registry keys back.

The keys changed were:

  1. ‘EnableLog’ key value set back to 0 (was 1 beforehand)
  2. ‘ForceLog’ key value set back to 0 (was 1 beforehand)

Under the registry node:


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