Shrink SCCM ReportServer file

21 בApril 2019

Hi Folks, In this article I am going to show you how to shrink SCCM ReportServer_log.ldf file.I have noticed that the ReportServer_log.ldf file increasingly grows up and gobble up my disk capacity, week by week I've increase the disk with 30-25 GB and nothing no relay satisfying it, so I had to put an end to this behavior. My ReportServer_log.ldf file was about 550GB size, and post shrinking doing, it is reduced to 10MB, let show you how to do that. Login to your SQL server wherer ReportServer_log.ldf  is located.Right click on "ReportServer" file > Properties > Options: You must change the "Recovered Model" to "Simple" like...
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