Microsoft Intune Abilities

26 בNovember 2018

Hey folks, I want to introduce you the Microsoft Intune service with his abilities that I've checked recently, It is not a secret that Microsoft strongly pushing the Microsoft Intune and improves it rapidly, to be honey they are doing amazing job over there, I have found some new great features that I am going to show you. Basically, Microsoft Intune is cloud-based service which allows us managing Mobile and Windows 10 devices via Intune along with that, we definitely can set devices management strategy policies and even deploy applications to our devices, make sure and devices and apps are compliant...
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AD Connect: Azure Service Connectivity failed

8 בNovember 2018

Hey guys, This article will be very short and focus one of troubleshooting I faced over the last week when I should have re-installed the AD connect for certain reason. over the installing, as you know the wizard, I've provided the Global Administrator and on-premises Domain Administrator user,  post these wizards I got the following errors: Azure Service Connectivity failed, Unable to Procced: The on-premises synchronization service is not able to connect to Azure Active Directory, Updating the proxy settings for thr ADsync account may reolsve this issue. Azure End Point HTTPS://LOGIN.WINDOWS.NET/PELEGIT.CO.IL ADSync Service Account Pelegit\AAD_38424d15cfd9 Extended message: Value can't be null Paramenter name: DomainOrPrincopleName. The issue was that this user: AAD_38424d15cfd9...
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