Best Practices Analyzer Server 2016

28 בMarch 2017

Today I would like to show you how you can use in Best Practices Analyzer in Windows Server 2016, I always emphasize that Active Directory is one of most important staple that we have on our organization, therefore I make many articles about Active Directory and try to help you to realize the importance of this ROLE, a month ago, I presented to you how to generate DFS report which shows you what's going on in your DFS status: Today I want to show you another way to monitor you AD which is more dedicated to Active Directory. To each one of you...
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Introducing Windows Server Essentials Experience Windows Server 2016

24 בMarch 2017

Hello friends, Recently, I have encountered in Windows Server Essentials Experience Role and honestly surprised, thereby I decided to make this article for you. In Windows Server 2016 I made use of Windows Server Essentials Experience Role, found many benefits and essential features which could very interesting for you. It knows to provide to IT infrastructure powerful functionalities such as PC backup, connect to Office 365, Remote Web Access, connect to cloud easily, create users, connect devices , and managing file storage, getting your computers health status, integration to Exchange server, Azure, Intune, get warnings about your servers, clients who is not...
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What is SPF Record?

23 בMarch 2017

As we all know, many organizations deal with mail attacks on a daily basis. Transport rules have been created & some mail filters are known for protecting against vulnerabilities,  Today I would like to share with you an experience I had with some customers who are not sure how to configure their SPF records correctly to protect against spoofing What is SPF? acronyms 'Sender Policy Framework' A SPF record is actually a DNS record, SPF records contains a list of servers that are allowed to send mails from your domain or who is authorized to send mail from your domain. There are simple...
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Exchange database has been grown.

11 בMarch 2017

Hello dear visitors, It's Just 2 weeks has been passed and already faced with some issue at my customer, came in the morning and got a call that Exchange service doesn’t work properly, after 2-3 minute of viewing into event viewer I noticed that the database was unmounted, then I realize that exchange’s disk was out of space, I started to run some PowerShell commands which helped me to realize that there was a user who was responsible for this case, I would like to share with you the PowerShell commands I have run, run this command several times and try...
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