Deploy Office 2016 Click To Run via SCCM

18 בAugust 2016

Hi, Following the last article I wrote, I would like to share with you the steps for deploying Office 2016 Click to Run to your computers using SCCM. As Microsoft already announced, in February there will auto upgrade of Office 2013 click to run to Office 2016, you have to be ready for that. Make sure you have “Office 2013” ADMX file on your GPO. If you don’t want this Upgrade you have to block the Upgrade possibility via group policy: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2013 (Machine)\Updates Ok, so let’s start folks! Open a new folder on your C and call to the folder...
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Activate Win 10 and server 2012 with KMS

12 בAugust 2016

Hi, Recently I have been writing a lot about Windows 10, by the time I always hear that organization proceeds to test and deploying Widows 10. Today I want to share with you a common issue and solution about KMS server after we already prepared the Windows 10 Task Sequence we noticed that out KMS (Key Management Service) doesn't activate Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 machines. Apparently, Windows Server 2008R2 can't activate Windows 10 and server 2012 machines, Microsoft suggests to establish KMS services on Windows Server 2012 / R2 and then you will be able to activate your Win10 /...
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8 בAugust 2016

How to get all distributions list on your organization which is empty using Powershell? You have to use the following command: Get-DistributionGroup | Where-Object { (Get-DistributionGroupMember –identity $_.Name).Count –eq 0 } | select PrimarySmtpAddress | export-csv C:\EmptyDL.csv By the way, this command also working for Office 365, before that you have to connect to the office 365. How to remove the empty distribution list? Import-csv C:\EmptyDL.csv | foreach {foreach {Remove-DistributionGroup $_.PrimarySmtpAddress} You can use on “-Confirm” in order to skip about confirmation.
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DHCP The server detected that it is out of time synchronization with partner server

4 בAugust 2016

Hi All, I would like to share with you a problem I have experienced a few days ago on my DHCP server. Suddenly some computers didn't respond to PXE request and some computers didn't receive a new IP address, The first thing I have checked is the event viewer. And unfortunately on the event viewer I have encountered with the following error: Even I have Fail Over cluster the DHCP service was down, fortunately, the lease holds the IP on the clients. The problem was that the windows time zone suddenly was different between two DHCP servers, therefore the "Synchronized" failed. I ran  on w32tm command to r-sync the time...
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