How to run WPF-XBAP Application in Full-Trust Mode (Post #2: certificate extraction)

יום שני, מרץ 31, 2008

In previous post I wrote about running WPF-XBAP application on client machine in "Full-Trust Mode". That worked fine and the post was helpful (I know this from post's talk-backs). I described how to generate security certificate and how to install it on client machine (thru IE options). Recently, I worked with XBAP deployment files and required to copy them to new IIS server, during the process I've forgotten to include certificate (ext: "cer") file. I tried to open the application from client machine (in IE or Firefox) and got error message, that tells about security restrictions and that client has refused...

How to run WPF – XBAP as Full Trust Application

יום רביעי, מרץ 5, 2008

Recently I work on WPF-XBAP application that will run from intranet website:   This application must have unrestricted access to client's OS resources (that is unusual for XBAP projects): I publish it on local website by using "Click-Once" deployment mechanism: User can launch the application from deployment page (also can run application setup): I get security error ("User has refused to grant required permissions to the application"): Means that application tried to perform some restricted action, beyond of XBAP sandbox. Actually it tried to read local video file: (It reads video file from local source, for preview option before uploading...