“Class2Table” Exporter

30 בספטמבר 2009

“Class to Table” = “Entity to SQL”

Recently, I deal with UML design in EA, also I design DB Entities for DBML (Linq2Sql). In regular way, programmer creates DB table and imports it into VS solution as entity class for DBML. But, sometimes we need to create DB table from existing class. I’m pretty sure that there are some free tools that can do this job, but as many code freaks I prefer to develop my own tools (mostly without looking for existing solutions).

I want to share my community contribution at http://class2table.codeplex.com/ with small application that allows generation/creation of DB tables from any .Net type. User loads assembly file, selects reflected type in combo, picks desired properties, then he can generate SQL script or to create table directly in SQL DB.


Remarks: This is “Quick & Dirty” application, I’ve made it as temp. solution. Any comments/improvements will be accepted with pleasure. Of course, you should understand that it is a free-beta-version and I’m not responsible for any damage that may be caused by using this application. All rights reserved ®.

Application   EXE Files on Codeplex
Application   Sources on Codeplex


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