Keys Notificator

26 באפריל 2009


I’m inviting you to take a part in testing of “Keys Notificator”.
This is small and useful program for keyboard monitoring that can be used to monitor common keys as [Shift], [Ctrl], [Alt], [Caps Lock], [Scroll Lock] and [Num Lock]. Very useful to alert users about change in keyboard layout like language ([Alt] + [Shift] ENG <=> HEB) or capital letters.

The “Keys Notificator” is an open-source project and is a part of my community contribution under GNU General Public License. The published/released version is “Beta” version that will be improved and extended in future. Any .NET developer can take a part in project development.

The application binaries (EXE) can be downloaded from here .

The project source code can be downloaded from here .


(I’m planning to write detailed and more technological post about the project in near future)

Thanks 🙂


I’m not responsible for any damage that may be caused by using this post or its content. Any materials in this post were provided AS IS without any changes and other meanings.

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