Multi-touch display in Apple style

21 במאי 2008

In this post I wrote about some cool project from NUI-Group.

See this cool video with implementation-example of their library:

They do great things, I think that WPF may be proper for this UI too…


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  1. sbia29 במאי 2008 ב 18:10

    Hi, if you wan't you can see my project. It use touchlib with wpf 😉

  2. Maxim29 במאי 2008 ב 19:39

    I think you've built great application, unfortunately I couldn't compile the project source, because of missing dlls (dll-hell): "DynamicUtilities" and "OSC.NET". I've downloaded sources for both dlls (according to instructions from here, but your project still can't be compiled; because I have no much time to investigate what am I doing wrong, I want to ask you to upload links or dlls to your web page on codeplex, it will be appreciated and after I'll see your application I'll write a post about your implementation of "touchlib".