How to run WPF – XBAP as Full Trust Application

5 במרץ 2008


Recently I work on WPF-XBAP application that will run from intranet website:

 xbap project type

This application must have unrestricted access to client's OS resources (that is unusual for XBAP projects):

full trust app

I publish it on local website by using "Click-Once" deployment mechanism:

app publish

User can launch the application from deployment page (also can run application setup):

run app from website

I get security error ("User has refused to grant required permissions to the application"):

trust not granted

Means that application tried to perform some restricted action, beyond of XBAP sandbox. Actually it tried to read local video file:

xaml code

(It reads video file from local source, for preview option before uploading it to FTP server)

After some research I found how to fix that:

(1) Project must be signed with "Click-Once" manifest (security certificate file):


(If project doesn't contain "Test Certificate" click on rounded button to create a new one)

(2) After temporary certificate was created we'll save it into file (click on "More Details"):

save certificate 01

File export wizard (step A):

save certificate 02

File export wizard (step B):

save certificate 03

File export wizard (step C):
(Enter username and password, only if you did so while "Test Certificate" creation in par. 1)

save certificate 04

File export wizard (step D):

save certificate 05

File export wizard (step E):

save certificate 06

File export wizard (step F):

save certificate 07

(Now project certificate is saved as external file)

(3) Now we'll go to Internet Explorer and will register this certificate:
(Open "Internet Options" from "Tools" menu)

ie options

Click on "Certificates" in "Content" tab:

ie options - content tab

Import certificate file from "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" tab:

ie options - certificates

File import wizard (step A):

certificate import wizard 01

File import wizard (step B):

certificate import wizard 02

File import wizard (step C):

certificate import wizard 03

File import wizard (step D):

certificate import wizard 04

Confirm importing:

certificate import wizard 05

If succeed you'll get this window:

 certificate import wizard 06

And will see certificate here:

certificate imported - ok

Do same in "Trusted Publishers" tab:

ie options - certificates - publishers

Close IE options:

 ie options - ok

(6) No we'll go to "Signing" tab in project options and will select registered certificate:

app resign

Select registered certificate from local store:

certificate from store

(5) Republish the application:

app publish again

app publish again - msg

Now XBAP can run in "Full Trusted" mode:

xbap video player

Hope this post was helpful 😉


PS: see this post about certificate extraction for XBAP applications.

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  1. John Bailo12 במרץ 2008 ב 1:19

    I am walking through the steps.

    The first problem is that when I select Create Test Certificate it defaults to a .pfx key. I deslected the Sign The Assembly checkbox, yet it keeps pulling up the _TemporaryKey.pfx and asks me to Enter password.

    How can I get it to ignore .pfx and create a .cer ?

    I now get a new error when trying to publish…it will not go away even if I deselect the Sign the ClickOnce manifests checkbox and/or the Sign the assembly checkbox in the Signing tab.

    The error is:

    "Error 1 The ClickOnce manifest for XAML Browser Applications must always be signed. You must specify properties: SignManifests (value set to True), ManifestKeyFile (with the name of your key file) and ManifestCertificateThumbprint (hexadecimal thumbprint value in SHA-1 format, of key file). Alternatively, you may use your IDE's Publish Wizard or Signing options."

    I've tried using the Publish Wizard but I do not see any options that refer to Signing…

  2. John Bailo13 במרץ 2008 ב 17:54

    I got it to work! I had to rollback some other changes I made to the project. Then I followed these instructions step by step and now I am able to run my Full Trust application over the web in a browser!

    Thanks for all your help!!!!

  3. mark15 במרץ 2008 ב 22:23

    How did you create the .cer file? In the steps, when he does "Copy to File" it creates a .pfx. No .cer. So I'm confused on where that file comes from.


  4. Maxim16 במרץ 2008 ב 17:02


    as written in post from the first step:

    1. go to 'project properties' -> 'signing' and check 'sign the click-once manifests'

    2. click 'create test certificate' (with any desired password)

    3. after the certificate was created, click on 'more details'; in opened window go to 'details' tab and click on 'copy to file', check 'no, do not export the private key', fourth step requires file saving operation (save as 'cer' file), finish wizard

    4. enjoy 🙂

  5. Dilip21 במרץ 2008 ב 1:16

    This is really helpfull

  6. Subindev17 באפריל 2008 ב 16:58

    Gr8…….. It works for me.
    Thanks a lot…..
    I have been looking for a solution from last 3 months….
    once again thanks….

  7. Vadim21 באפריל 2008 ב 16:27

    I'm getting the error: "The ClickOnce manifest for XAML Browser Applications must always be signed. You must specify properties: SignManifests (value set to True), ManifestKeyFile (with the name of your key file) and ManifestCertificateThumbprint (hexadecimal thumbprint value in SHA-1 format, of key file). Alternatively, you may use your IDE's Publish Wizard or Signing options." when trying to use the certificate from store. I opened the new, clean application, and keep getting this error. When using .pfx file that VS added for me, the app builds and publishes, but is not accessible from other machines in my LAN. I guess this is expected, otherwise there wouldn't have been this article. But what am I doing wrong in exporting the certificate?
    Thanks in advance…

  8. Maxim21 באפריל 2008 ב 23:21

    Hi Vadim,
    About the error: VS tells you that you have to sign the assembly ("exe" or "dll" file that produced by your project-build) and to define it under partial/full trust rules. See part "(1) Project must be signed with "Click-Once" manifest (security certificate file):" in this post about steps to sign and to define your project for "Click-Once" deployment.
    About the question of "cer": Go to part with sentence "File export wizard (step B):", check "No, do not export the private key", this will allow you to generate certificate file with ext. "cer", so you'll be able to install it on client's PC.

  9. Vadim22 באפריל 2008 ב 13:46

    Thank you, I will see what exactly I messed up there.
    Anyway, I got everything to work the way it was after registering the certificate (.cer) on client machines (which I somehow didn't think of yesterday…)

  10. SanthanaM23 באפריל 2008 ב 8:42

    I am walking through the steps.

    Though I got the following error…
    Below is a summary of the errors, details of these errors are listed later in the log.
    * An exception occurred while determining trust. Following failure messages were detected:
    + User has refused to grant required permissions to the application.

  11. Maxim23 באפריל 2008 ב 17:14

    Probably you've missed some step or installed certificate under wrong store, see this post with detailed installation steps:

  12. SanthanaM23 באפריל 2008 ב 19:46


    Now Its working on my system only. It shows the same error, run on some other system. Now what can I do for this.

  13. SanthanaM29 באפריל 2008 ב 21:22

    Hello maxim,

    This is run only in the system where the application is created. Its not runs in the client system.

    so pls tell me the solution for this. Its very helpful to me.


  14. SanthanaM.veradis29 באפריל 2008 ב 21:23

    Hello maxim,

    It is only run in the system where the application is developed. It's not run in the client system.

    so pls tell me the solution for this. Its very helpful to me.


  15. SanthanaM.veradis29 באפריל 2008 ב 21:50

    Hi I do all of your instruction but i cant able to deploy, while deploying the following error shows,,
    Error 2 The ClickOnce manifest for XAML Browser Applications must always be signed. You must specify properties: SignManifests (value set to True), ManifestKeyFile (with the name of your key file) and ManifestCertificateThumbprint (hexadecimal thumbprint value in SHA-1 format, of key file). Alternatively, you may use your IDE's Publish Wizard or Signing options. TrustedXbap
    pls tell me how to rectify this…

  16. Matt Galbraith (MSFT)12 במאי 2008 ב 21:42

    Under "File export wizard (step B):", you're telling people to distribute their private key (i.e. export this certificate with the private (signing) key) so that users can run their apps. This opens up the possibility of malicious users signing their own applications with such a private key, resulting in fully trusted code running from a malicious source.

    Always keep private keys private, and please use strong passwords on them!

  17. Maxim20 במאי 2008 ב 21:00

    Hi All,
    I'm preparing some additional post about XBAP deployment. When I'll finish, I'll post it with all answers for common questions and fixes for snapshots/steps.

  18. Rajith27 ביוני 2008 ב 15:12

    Post was just informative… 🙂

  19. Chitra8 באוגוסט 2008 ב 6:54

    post provided exactly what i wanted … Thank You.

  20. nichel10 באוקטובר 2008 ב 12:36

    greate, thanks a lot!

  21. krish6 בנובמבר 2008 ב 12:51

    very helpful.sent this link to my friends.

    Thanks a lot..

  22. Saurabh3 בדצמבר 2008 ב 9:47

    This really helped a lot for a start. However in real time scenarios the client would not like to install the certificate in the end users machine. So how can we automate this process in XBAP ??


  23. Maxim4 בדצמבר 2008 ב 13:23

    Hi Saurabh,
    See comment line in (the comment from subindev).
    You can write some light installer application that can register certificates on client's machine, this application can be downloaded and executed by client, not a big deal, (even for dummies clients :))

  24. seanmcad1 בפברואר 2009 ב 7:01

    This has been very helpful but I fear the last step is going to be an issue for me.

    How can I manually deploy the files given that I use the Visual Studio developer version of IIS which doesnt exist until runtime so I cant deploy to it.

  25. Sebastien18 בפברואר 2009 ב 11:06

    Thank you very much for this post, it was very helpful. Good job.

  26. Maxim21 בפברואר 2009 ב 1:46

    Welcome 🙂
    Update: Very soon I'm planning to post my last project with certificate installer.

  27. Star Lee24 במרץ 2009 ב 8:29

    I use you method to solve my problem.
    Thanks a lot!

    But there is still a problem.
    I can visit the WPF page after I publish it to a server becuse I install the certificate.
    But I can NOT visit the WPF page via a computer which desn't install the certificate.

    So, if there are any method to avoid certificate installation in the client computer? Or install the certificate automatically?


  28. Vivien Dracon10 באפריל 2009 ב 1:40

    Great Post! Star Lee: We posted on our blog how to create an automatic certinstall application. Give it a look … … If this is a serious blog faux pas pointing someone to this, mea culpa 🙂

  29. Maxim10 באפריל 2009 ב 19:22

    Thanks 🙂
    When I'll manage with my time, I'll wrote post about certificate installer and will refer to sources about it including

  30. Star Lee13 באפריל 2009 ב 8:49

    Vivien Dracon:
    I read your blog.
    Thanks a lot!

  31. Leon Shahar27 באפריל 2009 ב 17:51

    I've this page very usefull.
    I'm new to running XBAP's and this realy helps. I'm having a run-time issue, after ClickOnce step related to a dual http communications bewteen the XBAP and a wcf service. The problem seems to be that once an XBAP is using the callback channel, through the "http://+80/Temporary_Listen_Addresses/some_address" I cannot launch any other instance of the XBAP. Any suggestions?


  32. Leon Shahar27 באפריל 2009 ב 17:53

    My email address is

  33. Nigel Archer12 במאי 2009 ב 20:35

    Just wondering if someone could tell me what happens in 12 months after deploying (or creating the certificate). Will the application stop working? Will I (the developer) need to re-release the application with a new certificate and get all the users to reinstall the new certificate?

  34. Kevin29 ביוני 2009 ב 16:40

    I tried your steps. I am happy that it is working, but only in my PC.
    But when i open the hosted url from networked pc then its not going to open.
    I installed the certificate file on my networked pc but still the same.

    So what i need to do for accessing the application from network?


  35. Felipe Esteves30 ביולי 2009 ב 0:56

    First , that is a great article , thanks a lot =)

    Im got it the same problem.

    Import the certificate in "Trusted publishers" too.For me that works.

  36. gary30 ביולי 2009 ב 3:24

    This is very helpful but what steps does the end user have to go through when they browse to my app? Do they have to modify any of their browser settings? There are quite a lot of steps there to follow, I want the end user to just be able to say yes or no.

  37. John G5 באוגוסט 2009 ב 22:46

    Great Article. unfortunately it didnt work for me
    I still get the error message

  38. John G6 באוגוסט 2009 ב 17:57

    Wow. that was incredibly annoying to get this to work. i found a post that said to add the certificate to both the TrustedRootCertificationAuthorities and TrustedPublishers

  39. John G6 באוגוסט 2009 ב 18:27

    btw – How can be able to install the certificate automatically

  40. Peter Javorsky7 באוגוסט 2009 ב 1:46

    Hi Maxim. Thanks for this post. Unfortunately, it's not working for me. I followed all steps exatly several times with no luck. Please help.

    P.S. I'm trying to write file on the local filesystem and always I get error:
    System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\date.txt' is denied.

  41. John10 בספטמבר 2009 ב 21:02

    Great Article! I have been reading a lot of articles on how to deploy and get it working on the client side and have been pulling my hair out. Anyhow, It worked for me. Thanks for the easy tutorial on how to set it up.

    I have a question for you. Can I set up the XBAP app to launch executables on the server-side when the client clicks on something?

  42. Luis Lopez Vega30 בספטמבר 2009 ב 19:09

    Great Article, thank You. Questions : 1) How can I extend use of the certificate ?
    2) How can I make a easy installation ?

  43. BA8 בינואר 2010 ב 11:06

    I could be wrong but I think there's two things wrong with this tutorial.

    1/ You say that we should choose 'Yes, export the private key' but you need to choose 'no, don't export the key' to get the .cer file.

    2/ I needed to install the certificate under 'Trusted Publishers' not 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities' fot it to run on a clean client machine.

    Like I say, I'm no expert but this is what I had to change to get it to work. Thanks for the info though, much easier than the way I was doing it before!

  44. Justinetz14 בינואר 2010 ב 11:00

    Great Thanks, dear last poster!!! 🙂
    It works!

  45. CarverDown23 בינואר 2010 ב 11:52

    Don't stop posting such stories. I like to read articles like this. BTW add some pics 🙂

  46. Dan27 בינואר 2010 ב 0:04

    I tried for days to get my XBap to not throw the Trust error. Caspol would work on occassion, but not always. This is the best article by far, and step by step instructions work great!.

    One caveat though like another said. Choose "No, dont export the key" in order to see the .cer extension.

  47. Dan27 בינואר 2010 ב 18:22

    turns out you may also have to run Caspol

  48. Dan28 בינואר 2010 ב 6:08

    And on some machines the Cert appears to have no effect. Caspol is more reliable actually.

    And for that to be run the user must have admin priveledges or an admin must log on to the machine.

    I hope to figure how to automate remote delivery/run of caspol.

  49. BIFF MARTIN30 בינואר 2010 ב 3:01

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  50. Tax Attorney Atlanta8 בפברואר 2010 ב 23:39

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  51. Yaniv18 בפברואר 2010 ב 14:56

    Oddly, when the trusted publisher's certificate expires, Trust is not granted! How come?

  52. test21 במרץ 2010 ב 2:31

    I tried HTA and it's very easy to get through

  53. Max30 ביוני 2010 ב 8:40

    My project has some references to some third party dll. and when I publish it my localhost and run it, IIS always return me, unable to find those dlls… How come u looks never meet this issue?

  54. ac2 ביולי 2010 ב 14:15

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  55. Saty6 ביולי 2010 ב 18:38

    This is fine for same machine(server), but whenever accessing from another machine(client) it shows same error "Trust not Granted". Please let me know the solution for this problem.

  56. Pratik Desai7 ביולי 2010 ב 0:18

    Install certificate on client machine as well

  57. Pratik Desai7 ביולי 2010 ב 0:20

    What if the certificate used to sing the application gets expired. I received the same error again. How to handle this in deployed application?

  58. Ardy11 בספטמבר 2010 ב 22:14

    Thank you so much
    It was so helpful

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  60. satish pawar16 בדצמבר 2010 ב 10:51

    I have WPF Browser application on server which is runing fine on that machine, now i want to know that how to access this application on client machine, on every updation of application , must i copy whole application in wwwroot of client machine or tell me some easy way?
    I also need to Know that what should i do on Client machine and how, Please some one Help me

  61. Maxim22 בדצמבר 2010 ב 19:01

    hi satish pawar,
    your question isn't so clear…
    do you want to know where to place the files/assemblies of your xbap app?

  62. satish pawar23 בדצמבר 2010 ב 7:11

    Thanks for reply Maxim,
    I want to just know that what should i keep on client machine to run xbap application and where, and all files or any particular files?
    And one more thing that after deploy on client machine suppose ther is some changes made in main application which is on server, that time which files are again deploy on client

  63. Koketso Mashao9 במרץ 2011 ב 15:29

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