My TechED Talk – Slides AND Demo

יום רביעי, אפריל 9, 2008

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting at TechEd Israel 2008. It was a great experience! My Session went very well, if I do say so myself. I talked about controlling your database lifecycle with data dude. In any case, if you were in my talk, I'd love to hear your comments (good or bad!) about it so that I can either feel good about it, or get better for next time. Thanks to everyone that wake up for the talk - it was very well attended despite the time (9:00 AM after the midnight party...)....
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My TechED Session Is Over

יום שלישי, אפריל 8, 2008

Thank you everybody who attended this morning (after last night part) to see my presentation. I hope you enjoyed and feel it open your mind. Feel free to contact me to ask anything. I'll publish the slides and demos soon. THANKS!!!
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ALM 403: Control Your Database Lifecycle With Data Dude – Agenda

יום שבת, מרץ 29, 2008

Next week I'll give a session at TechEd 2008 In Eilat, Israel. The session will introduce you how you can control your     database changes and integrate it into your agile development methodology. Do you want to control your database changes? Do you want to test your database with unit test and even run static analysis on it? Do you want better life and easier deployment of the database schema changes to the production database? If one of your answers is YES, come and discover new world. Session Details: ...

Want to Meet Me at TechEd?

יום רביעי, מרץ 19, 2008

As you know, I will be presenting a presentation in TechEd 08 Israel.  Microsoft opened up the meetings application at If you are attending TechEd 08 Israel , you can set an appointment with me, by using this application. To find me there navigate to the Find Participants screen and looking for ALM or מאור as keyword. My presentation details: Name: ALM403: Control your Database Lifecycle with Data Dude Time: 8/4/2008, 9:00 AM Location: Hilton Hotel, Ofir-Adom Hall   ...

Tech-Ed 2008 Talk

יום שלישי, פברואר 26, 2008

Tech-ED 2008 Talk As I posted earlier, I'll speak at the next Tech-Ed in Eilat (6-8 April 2008). This is a great honor for me! My session will be about MSBuild & VSTS for Database Professional. The session is title less for now.... If you have any idea - please send it to me. In order to give you a great presentation, help me to decide about it's content: Do you have any unanswered questions around VSTS for Database Professionals? What do you like most and least about VSTS for Database Professionals? Do you have any stories you would be willing to share if...
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TechEd Israel 2008, I'll Talk There

יום שישי, פברואר 22, 2008

I'll be attending in Eilat's Teched (6-8 April 2008) presenting about VSTS for Database Professionals and Team Build. I'm very excited... If development is your business,  (or) you are decision maker, (or) ALM interesting you, (or) you suffering with database version management, (or) I'm interesting you... then this session is for you! Hopefully I'll actually find the time to make a Live Blogging from the conference. Microsoft  also arranges a meetings with the lecturers - I'll be glad to see you there! The session will demonstrate full lifecycle of a development team with SCM, including database versions management. The cycle has full build on...