Team System 2008 SP1 Virtual PC/Virtual Server and Hyper-V images are live

יום חמישי, דצמבר 25, 2008

Brian Randell just announced about his holiday surprise: New Virtual PC/Server and Hyper-V images with VSTS and TFS and a 12/31/2009 expiration date. As part of the refresh and extending the expiration date, Brian have updated the images to include the following (naturally some items only appear in the “all-up” images): the latest virtual machine additions or integration services components all of the latest Windows Updates as of December 1, 2008 Team Foundation Server 2008 SP1 Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite SP1...

Preview Of The Next TFS Power Tools Release

יום חמישי, אוקטובר 2, 2008

For a preview of the next TFS Power Tools release, please read Brian Harry’s blog. The next version is really amazing! From Brian’s post: There are 3 major new components to the October Power Tools release and the usual incremental improvements. Team Members - We've added a new node to the Team Explorer called "Team Members".  It appears under each Team Project and is used to identify who are the people who work on the project.  It serves as a "pivot point" for information about...
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Data Dude:Deploy Action On CTP16 Does Not Deploy The Database To Target

יום שבת, ספטמבר 27, 2008

A lot of users confused and don’t understand why the database does not appear on the target server when they do deploy. The reason is that in CTP 16, the default deploy mechanism is to deploy to script. If you want to deploy to database you have to change the 'Deploy action' on the project properties, deploy tab to 'Create a deployment script (.sql) and deploy to the database.' Read more.
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Data Dude On RadioTFS

יום שלישי, ספטמבר 16, 2008

From - Just published over on Radio TFS  a special episode on the Database Edition of Team System with the Data Dude man - Gert Drapers.  In the show Gert talks how the product got started, where it is now, where it is going in the future, the latest CTP of the Database Edition GDR and more.
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Team System Web Access 2008 SP1

יום חמישי, ספטמבר 4, 2008

The Team System Web Access team had released SP1 last week. Some of the cool new features include: Ability to run multi-language in a single TSWA instance. 10 languages supported Work Item only view for users without a CAL!! more Ed Hintz’s announcement to see what’s new in this release:   Download:
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יום שישי, אוגוסט 29, 2008

Gert just posted about the release of CTP16 of the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR release. From Gert’s post: This release adds the following features: VSDBCMD.EXE We added independent commandline deployment and reverse engineer, which can be used on machines that do not have Visual Studio installed, in order to deploy the results of a database project build (.dbschema file), or if you need to generate a .dbschema file so you can for example compare it,...
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Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

יום רביעי, אוגוסט 13, 2008

Introduction Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 enable developers to rapidly create connected applications that deliver high quality and rich user experiences. Visual Studio 2008 enables organizations of every size to rapidly create secure, manageable, and reliable applications that are optimized for Windows Vista™, SQL Server, the Microsoft 2007 Office system and the Web. Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 continue Microsoft’s investment in market leading development tools and developer platform. SP1 addresses issues that were found through a combination of customer and partner feedback, as well as internal...

VSTS 2008 Team Foundation Server Power Tools – July 2008 Release

יום שלישי, יולי 22, 2008

The Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server Power Tools is a set of enhancements, tools and command line utilities that improve the Team Foundation Server user experience. The latest power tools release can be found here: TFS July 2008 Power Tools.  See BHarry’s blog for an overview of all the great enhancements and make sure you download and install it. The following tools are installed with the tfpt.msi package: Command line tool (TFPT.EXE) Team Explorer IDE menu additions Build Notification...

CTP15 of the GDR release of VSTSDB is available

Gert just announced that they just released a new CTP of the upcoming 2008 update, Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR. You can download it from MSDN: Most important changes: Project upgrade is now in place. Mixed projects are no longer supported, from now on server projects represent only server creatable objects and user objects that need to be deployed to “master”. Another change is that server options will not get deployed; we only validate the settings as pre-requisites for...
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Suppress Code Analysis Warnings In Code

יום שני, יוני 23, 2008

Code analysis provides a way of making sure our assemblies don’t violate the programming and design rules set forth in the Microsoft .NET Framework Design Guidelines (including issues related to Globalization, Security, Performance, Portability, and many more).  We can run code analysis from the IDE and from MSBuild. To do it, we first have to turn on Code Analysis from within the IDE. To do it we have to open the project properties, and in the Project designer, we should select the Code Analysis tab and check the Enable Code Analysis on Build checkbox. By...