Series of Posts on Azure Security

יום חמישי, מרץ 15, 2012

My colleague Bruce Kyle has put together a view into how you can secure your application in Windows Azure. He’s pulled together information from hundreds of pages to provide you with a how-to guide on developing your application in a secure way on Windows Azure. This six-part series describes the threats, how you can respond,
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Just Released: Windows Phone 7 Guidance – patterns & practices

יום רביעי, פברואר 22, 2012

Microsoft patterns & practices is excited to announce the release of: A case study for Building Advanced Windows Phone Applications Building Testable Windows Phone Applications Developing a Windows Phone Application using the MVVM Pattern Resources: >> Go to Patterns & Practices: Windows Phone Guidance Home on MSDN >> On Codeplex: Similar Posts: WPF Composite

Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Windows Azure

יום שלישי, דצמבר 13, 2011

Read the announcement here. For years the Enterprise Library application blocks have helped developers address the typical cross-cutting concerns of enterprise development (such as diagnostic logging, data validation, and exception handing). With over 3.5 million downloads, they take a prominent place in the toolbox of a modern .NET developer. The good news is that most

Silverlight 5 Released

Silverlight 5 has been released. Silverlight 5 adds a ton of new features over what we had with Silverlight 4. Silverlight is part of a rich offering of technologies from Microsoft helping developers deliver applications for the web, desktop and mobile devices. Download Silverlight 5, a free plug-in less than 7 MB in size that
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Kinect for Windows Is Live

יום שבת, נובמבר 5, 2011

The new website is now live: Similar Posts: Virtual Team System User Group Microsoft WebMatrix Virtual Team System User Group Watch PDC10, Live from the Redmond Campus, October 28 and 29 Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Beta 2
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Silverlight 5 RC Available for Download

יום שלישי, ספטמבר 6, 2011

The release candidate for Silverlight 5 is now available to developers on the Silverlight developer site. You can get the release itself and additional details on Silverlight Downloads. New Features Announced for Silverlight 5 Improved Media Support & Rich UI Capabilities Building Next-Generation Business Applications Performance Improvements Graphics Improvements "Trusted Application" Model Tools Improvements Silverlight
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Windows Phone Mango Silverlight developer toolkit released

יום שישי, אוגוסט 19, 2011

The Silverlight toolkit for Windows Phone’s Mango update has been released. You can download the toolkit here.Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit offers developers additional controls for Windows Phone application development, designed to match the rich user experience of the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK. New Components for Aug 2011 Smooth new LongListSelector designed for Windows Phone
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Challenges Current CTO’s Are Experiencing

יום חמישי, אוגוסט 18, 2011

During my meetings with CTOs in ISVs (and I have a lot ) I try to help them to solve their challenges. First, what is CTO? A Chief Technology Officer (or Chief Technical Officer; CTO) is an executive-level position in a company or other entity whose occupant is focused on scientific and technological issues within
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Windows Azure Tools, Developer Training Kits Updated

Updates have been released for Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Windows Azure Platform Training Kit for developers. You can download the tools here using the Web Platform Installer. You can download the updated developer training kit here. The release of the tools was made at Announcing the August 2011 Release of