Suppress Code Analysis Warnings In Code

23 ביוני 2008

Code analysis provides a way of making sure our assemblies don’t violate the programming and design rules set forth in the Microsoft .NET Framework Design Guidelines (including issues related to Globalization, Security, Performance, Portability, and many more).  We can run code analysis from the IDE and from MSBuild. To do it, we first have to turn on Code Analysis from within the IDE. To do it we have to open the project properties, and in the Project designer, we should select the Code Analysis tab and check the Enable Code Analysis on Build checkbox. By...

LINQPad – Cool Utility For LINQ

14 ביוני 2008

Maybe you know about this, but I saw it first few days a go. I officially in love. LINQPad is a cool little utility that was mainly created to allow you to test LINQ expressions and see them produce a  result and output the results in a nice easy to visualize format. It's great for running LINQ Queries without having to fire up Visual Studio. LINQPad is also a great way to learn LINQ: it comes preloaded with 200 examples from the book,"C# 3.0 in a Nutshell" written by Joseph Albahari, the author...
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Configure Team Foundation Build for an Incremental Build

A question I got today: "How can I configure my Team Build for an incremental build?". Well, it's simple. Team Build 2005 Add the PropertyGroup definition to the end of the TFSBuild.proj file, before the closing </project> tag. Set the following properties: <PropertyGroup> <SkipClean>true</SkipClean> <SkipInitializeWorkspace>true</SkipInitializeWorkspace> <ForceGet>false</ForceGet> </PropertyGroup>   Team Build 2008  Set IncrementalBuild property to true. To do it, add the PropertyGroup definition to the end of the TFSBuild.proj file, before the closing </project> tag. <PropertyGroup> <IncrementalBuild>true</IncrementalBuild> </PropertyGroup>   Source...
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DataDude Goes Multi-Platform: Will Support IBM DB2

Visual Studio Team System Database Edition goes multi-platform! I always asked by customers and the community if Database Professional edition support anything other than SQL Server.   My answer is: 'not yet, but they are (Microsoft) talking about it'. So, it official. Microsoft  first announced that Visual Studio Team System Database Edition goes multi-platform support.  The DataDude team working on underlying architecture of the VSTS Database Edition product, to be provider based. This change enables other vendors or 3rd parties, by creating a Database Schema Provider (DSP), to start managing and deploying their schemas from inside Visual Studio Team...
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VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR – Where Is The Properties Tabs?

Some changes were shipped in the last GDR June CTP of VSTS 2008 Db Pro. If you want to change or view the catalog properties, deployment properties or variables properties you should navigate the properties node. These properties tabs are no longer exists under the database properties area. Example: When you click for example on the CatalogProperties.catalogproperties property, the database properties will be displayed.
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Team Build – Dynamicly adding project outputs to GAC

It's occurs sometimes  that after a successful build, we need to iterate through all assemblies outputs and install each assembly to the gac.. Solution: First, we have to use a CreateItem task like:<CreateItem Include="&quot;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin\GacUtil.exe&quot; -i $(DropLocation)$(Slash)$(BuildNumber)$(Slash)Release/*.dll"> <Output TaskParameter="Include" ItemName="AssembliesToGac"/> </CreateItem> Next step is to batch it to another target:<Exec Command="someCommand @(AssembliesToGAC)" />   Enjoy!  
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Google Doctype – Web Developers Wiki

11 ביוני 2008

Google released Doctype (HTML version), a wiki of the open web. Google Doctype is an encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone who has a Google account and wants to keep it up-to-date or add new articles. The encyclopedia contains articles about web security, DOM manipulation, CSS, HTML best practices, references for HTML, DOM, CSS, complete with browser compatibility information. There's also previously-unreleased code used internally by Google that is now documented and available for anyone to use. Google Doctype is 100% open. Open source Open content Open to contributions from anyone ...
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Templex-Sharing Team System Process Templates

9 ביוני 2008

We always asked for a library of process templates available and also easy way to share ones we created. Templex is a new CodePlex project has just been created for this purpose.  From the project’s page: This CodePlex projects serves as a repository for open source Team Foundation Server (TFS) process templates, work item type definitions and report definitions. TFS uses process templates to configure new team projects. Each process template includes the following: TFS Security groups and permissions Initial set of Areas...
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Google Launches Gmail Labs

8 ביוני 2008

Google went live with Gmail Labs, experimental features for web mail client Gmail which you can choose to enable one by one. Gmail Labs are 13 new optional features that you can try out on your Gmail account. To get them go to your settings and click the Labs button.   SuperstarsNow you can flag, star, and otherwise mark messages using up to 12 different colored and shaped icons. When you enable Superstars, you get a new section in the General settings area, which looks like this. Click on the star button on a message repeatedly to cycle through all...
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