Microsoft Source Analysis for C#

27 במאי 2008

Microsoft announce the public release of a new developer tool -  Source Analysis for C#. Inside Microsoft this tool's name is StyleCop and it enforces code style guidelines on the code we write Source Analysis comes with a set of default rules analyzers covering approximately 200 best practice rules. These rules are full compatible with the default layout settings in Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. Specifically, these rules cover the following, in no particular order: Layout of elements, statements, expressions, and query clauses Placement of curly...

Show Me The Money!!

22 במאי 2008

Microsoft will pay you to use their Live Search! Not really... Microsoft will pay you cash back from purchases you make after searching for the products on their search engine.  So… if you want a new laptop, search for laptops at Live Search, click through to a product you find in the listings, and make a purchase… then you’ll get cash back. The service name is: Microsoft Live Search Cash Back. The new service  includes over 10 million product offers and all of them provide a cash amount which is added to the users' free cashback account once the purchase...
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Steve Ballmer In Israel

21 במאי 2008

Today, Microsoft's Chief Executive, Steve Ballmer visited Israel. Mr. Ballmer came to Israel for the inauguration ceremony of Microsoft's new research and development center in Herzliya, Israel. I invited by Microsoft and also took place at the press conference.   From the press conference: Left: Danny Yamin -  Microsoft Israel subsidiary CEO; Center-Mr.Ballmer; Right:  Moshe Lichtman - Israel R&D center corporate VP.     What I have learned from this event? First, the proportion of Microsoft employees per capita in Israel is almost similar to that in the United States? WOW!! Impressive!!! ...
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Search The File System Using LINQ

20 במאי 2008

Do you want to search a file or file type in the file system? Nice way to do it is using LINQ. var files = from file in new DirectoryInfo(@"D:\temp").GetFiles() where file.Name == "MyFile.txt" select file; Or even search after specific file extension : var files = from file in new DirectoryInfo(@"D:\temp").GetFiles() where file.Extension == ".txt" ...
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VS User Settings Are Reset When Installing VS 2008 SP1 Beta

18 במאי 2008

I installed Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta on top of Visual Studio 2008 and I got surprise:  my VS user settings were reset to default VS settings.... :-( I don't know if this behavior is specially for me or its a bug, but my advice: backup your VS settings before upgrading to VS 2008 SP1 Beta. To backup VS settings: Navigate to Tools menu --> Import and Export Settings and then select the Export selected environment settings.
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17 במאי 2008

Last week it was exactly one year since I started blogging, so this is my blog first birthday!!  Tell you the truth, this is more exciting to me than my real birthday. I started blogging a few weeks after I visited one of my customers and asked by him to share my professional kb. I had just started blogging and was really excited about the future, and “wondered what could blogging do for me?” I was very skeptical and concerned that (a) I didn’t have anything to say and (b) didn’t have the time. So, time is a real problem...
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VSTS Database Professionals msdb Projects

15 במאי 2008

You can now download the sample msdb database projects from Microsoft Code Gallery to create cross database references between your database project schema objects and the schema objects that reside within the msdb database. There are msdb database projects for both Visual Studio Team System 2008 release of Database Edition as well as the Visual Studio Team Edition 2005 for Database Professionals Service Release 1 for both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005. Cross-database references requires that you define a corresponding reference in the properties of your database project. If you refer to objects...
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