Team Build 2008 Downloads One Level Only

29 במרץ 2008

TfsBuild.proj files can be located anywhere in source control in Team Build 2008. That is the reason why MS changed the default recursion type used to download files from the location of TfsBuild.proj to OneLevel only.  The meaning is that only the contents of the exact directory of TfsBuild.proj are downloaded. Aaron Hallberg posted a solution to change this behavior. We have to modify the following line in the TfsBuildService.exe.config on the build machine: <add key="ConfigurationFolderRecursionType" value="Full" /> Make sure to restart the service after making the change!
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Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit

Microsoft released a nice training kit (~126MB) (it's a real treasure!) for the latest technologies. This package covers a bunch of technologies and includes presentations, hands-on labs, and demos. This content is designed to help you learn how to utilize the Visual Studio 2008 features and a variety of framework technologies including: Visual Studio Tools for Office Visual Studio Team System Application Lifecycle Management C# 3.0 VB 9.0 LINQ ...

מישהו יכול לסדר לי הרשטות???

בביקורי אצל הורי, נתבקשתי לסדר הרשאה לתיקייה מסוימת שתהיה זמינה ברשת. כאחד שלא כ"כ אוהב חלונות בעברית, כל דבר שם מפריע לי. אבל להוריי זה קל ופשוט, כך שאין ברירה וזה מה שיש שם. בכל אופן, נתבקשתי לסדר, אני מוכן ומזומן!! לבסוף לא סידרתי הרשאות, אלא משהו אחר....                                 כן כן...
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ALM 403: Control Your Database Lifecycle With Data Dude – Agenda

Next week I'll give a session at TechEd 2008 In Eilat, Israel. The session will introduce you how you can control your     database changes and integrate it into your agile development methodology. Do you want to control your database changes? Do you want to test your database with unit test and even run static analysis on it? Do you want better life and easier deployment of the database schema changes to the production database? If one of your answers is YES, come and discover new world. Session Details: ...

How To: Delete Build Agent In TFS 2008

I'm working on my TechEd demos which includes DB Projs and MSBuild + Team Build .I needed to remove one of my build agents. To remove a build agent, navigate to to the Build Menu,  or the Build Explorer.  Click on Manage Build Agents in order to remove/edit/add a build agent. In order to use the Build Menu, you must first open the Team Explorer. Otherwise, the Manage Build Agents will not be part of the menu.
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Want To Influence The Future Of Team System?

If you interested in influencing the next version of VSTS, the product team has released a new set of specifications for the upcoming release of Visual Studio, code named Rosario. These are provided to the community to allow us the opportunity to provide feedback and thereby helping shape the next release .If you are interested in submitting feedback, visit the public feedback area. New Specs: TFS Bug Submission Portal Send Mail from TFS Core Linking Work Item Tracking Previous Specs: ...
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Requirements Management with Visual Studio Team System White Paper

This white paper outlines how to use Visual Studio Team System for successful requirements management using Visual Studio Team System 2005 or Visual Studio Team System 2008. In addition, you can use this paper to learn about some of the challenges that Microsoft intends to address in the next release: Visual Studio Team System code name “Rosario.” Download:  Requirements Management with Visual Studio Team System
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Prevent Users From Open WorkItem

Sometimes you need to restrict users to use work items or make it obsolete. We can't delete a work item type from the process template, so we must find other ways. I didn't find a good solution for that issue.  (There is an article from MS, how to make a work item obsolete, but I needed other solution. read here: You can do that by editing work item type definition for the type and setting permissions on the first transition: <TRANSITION from="" to="Opened" for="YOUR DOMAIN\USER OR GROUP" > That way, only authorized users can open work item...
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