TeamBuild 2008 – SetBuildProperties Task

1 בפברואר 2008

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SetBuildProperties task is one of the new tasks that shipped in Team Build 2008. With this task we can modify properties of a BuildDetail object directly from MSBuild's TfsBuild.proj script.

The SetBuildProperties task is defined in the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Tasks.VersionControl.dll.

The available properties are:

Property Description
LabelName Specifies the label name.
DropLocation Specifies the drop location. (shared folder to which the build account has read/write privileges)
Quality Specifies the build quality.
TestStatus Specifies the test status. Valid values are Succeeded, Failed, and Unknown.
Status Specifies the build status. Valid values are NotStarted, InProgress, Succeeded, PartiallySucceeded, Failed, and Stopped.
BuildNumber Specifies the build number.
TeamFoundationServerUrl Specifies the Team Foundation Server URL. For example, http://MyServer:8080.
BuildUri Specifies the build URI.
CompilationStatus Specifies the compilation status. Valid values are Succeeded, Failed and Unknown.


    DropLocation="$(DropLocation)" />
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