Default Build Quality In Team Foundation Build 2008

31 בינואר 2008

I wanted to define my default build quality at one of my Team Build Types in TFS 2008 like I did at Team Build 2005. But... in Team Build 2008, the default build quality notion was removed. Note: The default value for the build quality of a new build in TFS 2008 is null, not empty string. So, how can you set the build quality? Use the SetBuildProperties task. Read about it here;
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מזל טוב! נולד לי בן!

22 בינואר 2008

מזל טוב! הבוקר (4:43) נולד לי בן. מסתבר שהילדים שלי אוהבים להגיח לאויר העולם בחגים: בתי טליה נולדה בל"ג בעומר לפני שנתיים וחצי ועכשיו בני - בט"ו בשבט. ההתרגשות גדולה ואשתי ואני מאוד מאוד מאושרים!!! שנדע רק שמחות.  
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TFS Source Control Branch Visualization

19 בינואר 2008

Brian Harry just posted a first look at Branch Visualization. This is the first taste of the next release. Branching and merging today with TFS is great, but in the next release the new features that designed will make it simpler. Right now the focus is on features to help you understand what branches you have, how they relate, what merges have happened, what hasn't yet. Enjoy! (Image from Brian's post)
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.NET Framework Source Code Available

It's here and you can give it a try now! To step through .NET Framework Source code, here's what you need to do. Install the Visual Studio 2008 QFE.  This Hotfix just updates a DLL that's part of the Visual Studio debugger that fetches the source files, more details on the download page. (64-bit users: read the description as there is a single manual step for 64-bit) Go into Tools > Options > Debugging > General and turn off "Enable Just My Code" and turn on "Enable Source Server" ...
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