Series of Posts on Azure Security

15 במרץ 2012

My colleague Bruce Kyle has put together a view into how you can secure your application in Windows Azure. He’s pulled together information from hundreds of pages to provide you with a how-to guide on developing your application in a secure way on Windows Azure. This six-part series describes the threats, how you can respond,
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Just Released: Windows Phone 7 Guidance – patterns & practices

22 בפברואר 2012

Microsoft patterns & practices is excited to announce the release of: A case study for Building Advanced Windows Phone Applications Building Testable Windows Phone Applications Developing a Windows Phone Application using the MVVM Pattern Resources: >> Go to Patterns & Practices: Windows Phone Guidance Home on MSDN >> On Codeplex: Similar Posts: WPF Composite

Openness Update for Windows Azure

15 בדצמבר 2011

What an exiting release it is! The December release of Windows Azure brings many cool new features including extensive support of open source libraries like Node.js, MongoDB, Hadoop, Solr, Memcached. You can find an overview of the support was announced on Port 25 on Openness Update for Windows Azure. We understand that there are many
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Windows Azure 12/12/11 Announcement

13 בדצמבר 2011

Earlier yesterday, Microsoft announced a number of updates and improvements to Windows Azure that will help developers to more easily access Windows Azure and unlock the value of cloud computing as a development platform. Additionally, today, senior Microsoft leaders will participate in a broadcast event: Learn Windows Azure to demonstrate how easy it is for
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Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Windows Azure

Read the announcement here. For years the Enterprise Library application blocks have helped developers address the typical cross-cutting concerns of enterprise development (such as diagnostic logging, data validation, and exception handing). With over 3.5 million downloads, they take a prominent place in the toolbox of a modern .NET developer. The good news is that most

Improved Developer Experience, Interoperability, and Scalability on Windows Azure

The Windows Azure team has announced multiple updates to Windows Azure that improve ease of use, interoperability, and overall value. From the post: Key Highlights: New Developer Experience and Enhanced Interoperability—Access to Windows Azure libraries for .NET, Java, and Node.js is now available under Apache 2 open source license and hosted on GitHub, a new
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Updated Windows Azure SDK & Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK Available

16 בנובמבר 2011

You can read the official Windows Azure Blog post for full details. we are simplifying the development experience on Windows Azure with three updates—a new version of the Windows Azure SDK, a new Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK, and an updated Windows Azure Platform Training Kit.  Whether you are already using Windows Azure or looking
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