Windows Azure SQL Database as a Scale-Out Solution


By Iris Atias If you are considering using Windows Azure SQL Database but have doubts because of capacity and performance limitations, Federations may be the solution for you! As you probably know, Windows Azure SQL Database has some limitations regarding capacity and performance: Database size is limited to 150GB. What if you need more storage? Your database is actually deployed on a group of machines in a Microsoft datacenter, sharing the same resources with other databases that belong to other clients. Your query performance may be injured. What can you do about it? Here comes Microsoft with a new feature called Federations that enables...
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March newsletter is here!


This month, our newsletter has free script downloads, explanations on setting up your server in Azure (in under ten minutes!), and articles on the smallest things that will get you every time in T-SQL. Check out this and more in our information-packed latest edition. Madeira’s March Newsletter
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ISUG 141 on 7/4

The next meeting of the Israeli SQL Server User Group Meeting will be on 7/4, with Madeira’s own Dudu Sinai speaking on the durability controls in SQL Server 2014. For the second lecture, we have Maria Zakourdaev teaching us about how queries are run inside the SQL Server engine thanks to the optimizer. Register now!
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Open Day for Become a SQL Server DBA

The Open Day for Madeira's Become a SQL Server DBA course is the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions about the course, the studies, the company, and the job. We look forward to having you in for an evening of questions and answers where you'll meet the instructors and experience the comfortable learning atmosphere in our classrooms. Thursday 10 April, 17:30-19:00 at Madeira’s classrooms in Herzliya: Galgalei HaPlada 6, First floor Register here or call Eli at 09-7400101 for more details. See you there! Image courtesy of CollegeDegrees360
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Windows Azure SQL Database

By Yariv Aviv Ever needed to install and configure an SQL Server instance environment, including the operating system? If you asked me to estimate the time I need to complete this task, I would say half a day’s work until I have my connection string and can start deploying my database. In Windows Azure SQL Database (WASD) it’s five minutes. Read more...
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Mind the Gap


By Avi Niv Recently we deployed database mirroring in an environment with an Active Directory. The process is usually quite simple and straight-forward, but this time was different. The mirroring should have been scripted, so it could be embedded in an application’s installation and deployed worldwide. As in any other sensitive infrastructure solution, monitoring is essential. Microsoft provides the sp_dbmmonitor stored procedures to configure and review monitoring metrics. Even though are not user-friendly, they are manageable. There are several options to watch what's going on with your mirroring. Read more...
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How to Load Data from Excel in SSIS – 32-bit vs. 64-bit


By Guy Glantser   Let's say you are developing an SSIS package on your dev box to load data from an Excel file to SQL Server. For this example, let's assume your dev box is Windows 7 64-bit with SQL Server 2012, and the Excel version is above 2007 (meaning you're using an "xlsx" file). So you launch SQL Server Data Tools, you create a new SQL Server Integration Services project, and you drag a Data Flow Task onto the control flow design area. Then you go to the data flow design area and you drag the Excel Source component. You create...
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SSIS Appetizer


Madeira’s excellent course on SQL Server Integration Services starts in March, but you can get a head start here!  Take a tour through a few articles, specially chosen by us to get you going, from setting up SSIS to creating your very first work there.  Why not check out our custom-built starter pack?
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New course on SSIS


Starting in March, Guy Glantser will lead a course on SQL Server Integration Services. If you’ve taken one of Guy’s courses before, you already know he’s a dynamic, exciting, extremely knowledgeable teacher. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Once a week for five weeks, we’ll dive in to SSIS, starting at the beginning but quickly moving to the increased benefits you can get from it if it’s already part of your work. After creating our first packages, we’ll cover troubleshooting and administration, working with parameters, and the crucial topic of error logging. For anyone who works with SSIS now...
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