Randomized Colors in Report


by Avi Niv Randomized color report? So help my CODE!   Writing a Reporting Services report can be challenging, making you use the most of its features so that even the simplest tasks may require wider range of capabilities. One of those is using .NET code (VB.NET) in the report. This post outlines the basics of implementing .NET code in your reports. The following .rdl file is the final version of the report for your reference. One of our customers created a multi-bar graph in one of his reports. However, the bars’ color pattern repeated, which meant a few bars with the same...
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Generating Email Reports using XML


By Avi Niv SQL Server has some handy features: one of those features is dbmail, which I tend to use less until I've been asked to create a reports to be distributed on a daily basis. These reports can’t use any external tools (such as Reporting Services) and no attachments are allowed. The process of creating and timing a report is pretty straightforward: write a T-SQL query, create SQL Server Agent job and schedule it, and then use dbmail to send the output by email. Some adjustments can be made to the email, such as sending the query result as...
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What I Love About SQL Server


By Guy Glantser Well, there are many things I love about SQL Server. Otherwise, I wouldn't spend my whole career around it, would I? I can talk about the powerful and easy-to-use client tools, or about the excellent high availability and disaster recovery features (aka "AlwaysOn"), or about the powerful ETL platform known as SSIS. And I can go on and on... But I'm not here to talk about the variety of features within SQL Server (which are great by themselves). I want to talk about one thing that distinguishes SQL Server from all other data platforms, and maybe distinguishes Microsoft...
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Become a SQL Server DBA today


We have a one-of-a-kind course you won’t find anywhere else. Database administration is a challenging, rewarding, in-demand career. Madeira has the only course in Israel that is built from the ground up, customized for our students, and highly individual, with a focus on hands-on experience that gets you so much more than the average academics. Become a SQL Server DBA is our most popular course. Aimed at people new to the field and requiring no prior experience at all, it’s the best way to give your career a jump-start. We begin with the basics of databases and then get into...
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News, scripts, and jobs, oh my


This newsletter is packed! Madeira’s growing constantly, with some exciting new employees joining this season. And we have room for more great DBAs, so check out the details in the newsletter and you could be right here with us! Of course, we cover all the events going on in Israel, the US, the UK, and everywhere else! Madeira’s May Newsletter
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Basic Querying and Programming course


Spend three Wednesdays with Madeira and learn Basic Querying and Programming in SQL Server. Classes are on 7/5, 14/5, and 21/5, and there's still time to register. Avi Niv's expertise is at your disposal. Be a part of the future of SQL development, analysis, and querying. Call us at 09-7400101 or email our course coordinator, Eli.
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Windows Azure SQL Database as a Scale-Out Solution


By Iris Atias If you are considering using Windows Azure SQL Database but have doubts because of capacity and performance limitations, Federations may be the solution for you! As you probably know, Windows Azure SQL Database has some limitations regarding capacity and performance: Database size is limited to 150GB. What if you need more storage? Your database is actually deployed on a group of machines in a Microsoft datacenter, sharing the same resources with other databases that belong to other clients. Your query performance may be injured. What can you do about it? Here comes Microsoft with a new feature called Federations that enables...
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March newsletter is here!


This month, our newsletter has free script downloads, explanations on setting up your server in Azure (in under ten minutes!), and articles on the smallest things that will get you every time in T-SQL. Check out this and more in our information-packed latest edition. Madeira’s March Newsletter
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ISUG 141 on 7/4

The next meeting of the Israeli SQL Server User Group Meeting will be on 7/4, with Madeira’s own Dudu Sinai speaking on the durability controls in SQL Server 2014. For the second lecture, we have Maria Zakourdaev teaching us about how queries are run inside the SQL Server engine thanks to the optimizer. Register now!
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