Developer Academy 4 Recap

24 במרץ 2010

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The Developer Academy 4 is behind us, and after completing most of the urgent tasks that I have postponed while being busy preparing my IIS 7 presentation, I’ve finally found a couple of minutes to write this. post

First of all, I think Microsoft stuff has done a great job preparing this event. Discarding some minor issues, everything went extremely smooth.

Second, I’d like to thank to all the people, who have participated in my “The 5 coolest IIS 7 features” talk. I had a great time, hope you too. The recording of the session, done by Sela University, is available here.

I’d like to share with you some of the resources linked to those five IIS 7 features, I’ve talked about during the session:

Web Platform Installer

The Web PI page on the Microsoft Site

Nice blog post about the Web PI by Scott Guthrie

Microsoft Web Platform Installer on the Official Microsoft IIS Site

Web Deployment Tool
Web Deploy : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
Web Deploy : Deploying Web Sites on IIS 7

Web Deployment Made Awesome: If You're Using XCopy, You're Doing It Wrong – Great blog post and MIX10 session by Scott Hanselman

URL Rewrite Module
URL Rewrite : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
10 URL Rewriting Tips and Tricks
Using URL Rewrite Module 2.0
IIS 7.0 and URL Rewrite, make your Web Site SEO
Failed Request Tracing
Troubleshooting Failed Requests Using Tracing in IIS 7

Failed Request Tracing on IIS7 – Chanel9 Video

SEO Toolkit

Search Engine Optimization Toolkit : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit – ScottGu's Blog – Great Post


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