The Component Art Dashboard Server

יום ראשון, אוקטובר 23, 2011

The Component Art dashboard server allows you to develop in Silverlight, place the XAML file on server and allows it to automatically convert it to HTML5 delivered directly to any mobile platform. The rich UI components developed by Component Art allow you to extend your hybrid application into the next level. Whether you develop for iPhone, WP7 or Android you might want to take advantage of this new capability and extend your hybrid application with attractive rich user interface.
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PHP Cross Platforms Web Applications Course

יום רביעי, אוגוסט 31, 2011

In November I will start teaching a detailed course that provides with the required training to develop PHP web applications for different platforms including facebook, wordpress and extensions for web browsers. In addition, the course teaches how to develop hybrid applications for mobile telephones using HTML5 and Java Script libraries such as jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. The following video clip provides more information about the topics I cover. The course takes place in HIT and includes 180 academic hours. The fee is 6800 shekels. You can find more information as well as a form through which you can leave...
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Open Source 2011 Conference

יום שישי, יולי 1, 2011

On June 30th I gave a lecture about Hybrid Applications for Mobile Telephones in Open Source 2011 conference. You can download the slides. If you have any professional question following my lecture please don't hesitate and place it as a comment to this post.
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Hybrid Applications for Mobile Platforms

יום שלישי, יוני 28, 2011

I chose to write this post for the benefit of all people who are not familiar with hybrid applications for mobile telephones. This Thursday I will lecture about hybrid applications for mobile telephones in Open Source 2011. I believe this post can be the appetizer for my lecture. In the past, applications for mobile telephones were developed similarly to applications we install on our personal computer. When the case was iPhone they were developed in Objective-C. When the case was Windows Mobile or Windows Phone they were developed in C#. When the case was Black Berry they were developed...
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WP7 Improvements

יום ראשון, פברואר 27, 2011

During the past year I have been playing around with the WP7 platform. The platform is heaven for any developer. The simpllicy inolved with applications development for the WP7 platform is unmatchable. The learning curve is unbelieveable. Unlike any other mobile platform in our world. WP7 takes it all. It is the most friendly platform for developers. Yet, there are few improvements I hope Microsoft will introduce. The first and the most important improvement is changing the web browser engine into IE9 or even IE10 (when released). Current engine is IE7 and its support for HTML5 doesn’t meet today standards....
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