Learn HTML5 with Me – Introduction

August 23, 2013

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In the past month or so, I started shifting into the Front End Development world. I think that by now it’s obvious in which way the wind blows. The FED world is the new buzz with tons of new and interesting technologies. The fact that WPF has probably reached the end of its roadmap (done, not dead) and that XAML and Windows Store apps are not as popular as I wanted them to be, brought me to the decision to change direction. In my day job I’m still a hardcore rich client developer, that is what I’m good at, and that is what I will probably do in the near future. But, my intention is to learn and be more involved in the FED side as well.

I dedicated the past month or so to get my head around all the major buzz words, from node.js and express on the server side, to some of the major client side MV* frameworks and libraries such as angular and backbone, through some core parts of HTML5 such as WebGL and WebSocket. Along the way I picked up JavaScript and CSS up to a point where I can read and understand JavaScript code and write basic programs.

In my entire career, I’ve been as far as it gets from web development. Being a rich client C# developer for the last 7 years, and a backend C++ developer for the 6 preceding years I was quiet amazed by all the limitations that web developers had to deal with. But now, it seems that the web development world has changed. Thanks to all these emerging technologies it seems like the sky is the limit for web applications. Take a look at some of the examples at the chrome experiments site, especially at this, this, and this. It will blow your mind! It sure blew mine.

They say that teaching is learning twice, so as part of my learning, I intend to blog about some of the more interesting topics I encounter. Doing so, will force me to really understand the things that I’ll write about (or re-learn through a positive feedback), and if someone, somewhere, will find this blog posts helpful, than I earned twice.

The first post in the (hopefully) series will be published in the next couple of days and will be about WebSockets.

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