InvalidOperationException Is Thrown by PlayToReceiver’s StartAsync Method

November 27, 2012

While I was playing around with the new Windows Store Play-To contract, I came across a strange exception when I used the PlayToReceiver class to register my app as a Play-To target. Here is the relevant code: 1: protected async override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e) 2: { 3: if (m_playToReceiver != null) 4: return; ...
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Creating Your Own Blog Using BlogEngine.NET

November 25, 2012

Recently, I migrated my blog to BlogEngine.NET, running on top of my own host, and accessible via my own domain. In the process of doing so, I encountered some minor problems here and there, some of them were already mentioned on the web, others I had to solve on my own. In this post I want to walk through the entire process, step by step, mainly as a documentation for myself, but also for it to be available for others. So, how to create your own blog using BlogEngine.NET in 20 easy steps? Buy a...
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