SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Solution – Upgrading from SharePoint 2007: tools, tips and tricks

31 במאי 2011

Upgrading Process from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 is depends on

many factors and elements that are used in SharePoint 2007 environment, such

as web parts, features, event receiver and site templates. In this article I try

to describe and explain how to fixed unespected problems that you meet in upgrading


The first step in upgrading process is checking you SharePoint 2007 environment.

This page is describe this step:  Using preupgradecheck tool that create pre upgrading report,

in this report you need handle some problematic issues. Next posts will describe how to solve them. 

1. Handle Missing Web Parts

2. Handle Missing Event Receivers.

3. Handle Missing Site Tempales.

4. Handle Missing Site Features.

5. Handle Missing Setup Files.

I hope this post will help you proceed proccess from SharePoint 2007 to Sharepoint 2010.


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