SharePoint 2010 – Personal View for page is corrupted – Personal View for page returns error.

10 באפריל 2011

User can modify his Personal View for specific page if this personalization is defined for specific Web Part Zone.

User can put new  Web Parts to his personal view, move existing Web Part to another Web Part Zone.

If user put corrrupted Web Part to his pesonal view, this personal view becomes corrupted.

User can not navigate to this pesonal view and this page too. To solve this problem this user need to navigate

to special Web Part Maintenance page and remove corrupted Web Parts.

For example: If your site url is http://portal/DepartmentSite and your corrupted page is ContentPage.aspx and this page is

placed inside Pages library.

You must navigate to this url:


Open this page, check out this page, remove wrong Web Parts, check in this page.



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