SharePoint 2010 – SharePoint Alerts don't work after upgrading from SharePoint 2007 – Fix This Problem by C# Code

11 באפריל 2011

After upgrading to SharePoint 2010 from SharePoint 2007 or moving SharePoint 2010 to another server, Old SharePoint Alerts stop working and only new created alerts are worked. I found microsoft support arcticle;en-us;936759 and one blog for SharePoint 2007 with explanation: I combined two those arcticles in one and build console application based on 64bit Target inside VS2010. static void Main(string args)        {            string strNewSiteCollection = string.Empty;            string strOldSiteCollection = string.Empty;            // First (and only) argument is the URL to the Site Collection            if (args.Length > 1)            {                strNewSiteCollection = args;                strOldSiteCollection = args;                try                {                    using (SPSite spsitecol = new SPSite(strNewSiteCollection))                    {                        using...

SharePoint 2010 – Update SharePoint 2010 Navigation Bars in C# – Replace Broked Links in Navigation

After upgrading from SharePoint 2007 or moving SharePoint  2010 to another server, you need to update broked links in Navigation Bars (Top Navigation Bar or Quick Lanch Navigation Bar). I found solution for this problem in SharePoint 2007 Replacing Navigation URLs Using STSADM, this solution use stsadm command for update Navigation LInks. I upgrade this code for SharePoint 2010 and build Windows Application, that help to update or replace links inside Navigation Bars. You can update navigation link in three level:  "webapplication", "site",  "web" Here I put C# Source for Update Navigation Bar Project: If you want only binary executable file you can download it here: Enjoy.
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SharePoint 2010 – Personal View for page is corrupted – Personal View for page returns error.

10 באפריל 2011

User can modify his Personal View for specific page if this personalization is defined for specific Web Part Zone. User can put new  Web Parts to his personal view, move existing Web Part to another Web Part Zone. If user put corrrupted Web Part to his pesonal view, this personal view becomes corrupted. User can not navigate to this pesonal view and this page too. To solve this problem this user need to navigate to special Web Part Maintenance page and remove corrupted Web Parts. For example: If your site url is http://portal/DepartmentSite and your corrupted page is ContentPage.aspx and this page is placed inside Pages...

SharePoint 2010 – Create Custom Style for SharePoint Rich Text Editor. – Create Custom Table Style

Inside SharePoint Rich Text Editor you can use some predifined style for example this picture shows predifined styles for table's element. If you want to add or edit those styles, you can do this inside corev4.css, which is placed inside this directory for English Installation - 1033 Directory. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\STYLES\Themable\COREV4.CSS Open this file and find for example "Default Table Style - Light" - first predefined style. .ms-rteTable-default, .ms-rteTableHeaderFirstCol-default, .ms-rteTableHeaderLastCol-default,.ms-rteTableHeaderOddCol-default, .ms-rteTableHeaderEvenCol-default, .ms-rteTableFirstCol-default,.ms-rteTableLastCol-default, .ms-rteTableOddCol-default, .ms-rteTableEvenCol-default,.ms-rteTableFooterFirstCol-default, .ms-rteTableFooterLastCol-default, .ms-rteTableFooterOddCol-default,.ms-rteTableFooterEvenCol-default,,, .ms-rtetablecells{-ms-name:"Default Table Style - Light";/* */ border:solid 1px #c4c4c4;padding:2px;vertical-align:top;} Copy all this part of style definition and paste it, give new name for style's...
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