SharePoint Designer 2010 – XSLT List View Web Parts – Using Header and Footer

23 במרץ 2011

In SharePoint Designer 2010 we can use two types of Data View Web Parts

1. The first web part is Empty Data View WP (DataFormWebPart  Web Part), You need select data source for show specific data. You can select "Header" or "Footer" checkbox in "Design" Ribbon. 

After selecting you can see inside XSLT code two sections and you can add text or HTML code

2. The second Web Part is List Data View WP ( XsltListViewWebPart Web Part). In this WP you cann't select header or footer inside "Design" Ribbon.

But you can insert header or footer manually inside XSLT code, you need locale this part of XSLT code:

<xsl:template match="/" ddwrt:ghost="hide">

Header text or HTML code you can put after this part of XSLT code.

Footer text or HTML code put after </xsl:choose> element.

I hope this post help to add "Header" or "Footer" inside XSLT List View Web Parts.


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