Windows 2008 – Concurrent Remote Connection Restriction – Restriction each user to a single session

27 במרץ 2011

In Windows 2008 by default each windows user can connect remotly only once. By you can remove this restriction inside "Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration", to run this program you need type word: host inside Start-> "Search programs and files" and operation system locate this program as show in picture below, run this program. Inside this program you can see: "Edit Settings", double click on this area.   You receive property dialog, uncheck flag "Restrict each user to a single session" and click OK. After restarting server, you can connect to this server in one user more then one times. Enjoy.

SharePoint DayLight Time Problem – Time of Created Items isn't correct – Manually fixed DayLight Time Problem by change timezone.xml file

In SharePoint environment there is problem with created date and time, all document and item receive wrong time. Sometimes in your documents you see created time is late for one hour or againt. For solving this problem you need change timezone.xml file, to locate this file goto: SharePoint 2007/ WSS 3.0 Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\Config SharePoint 2010 Server/ SharePoint 2010 Foundation Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Config Open this file in notepad and navigate to your time zone for example: UTC-06:00     <TimeZone ID="11" Name="(UTC-06:00) Central Time (US and Canada)" Hidden="FALSE">        <Bias>360</Bias>        <StandardTime>            <Bias>0</Bias>            <Date>                <Month>11</Month>                <Day>1</Day>                <Hour>2</Hour>            </Date>        </StandardTime>        <DaylightTime>            <Bias>-60</Bias>            <Date>                <Month>3</Month>               ...

MS Office Install on Windows 64 bit – Error message is displayed when setup application is started

24 במרץ 2011

When you start installation process for MS Office on Windows 64 bit Operation System sometime you receive error message immediately. For solving this problem open Register Editor - regedit.exe in Start -> Run and navigate to this key and remove it HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\12.0 After this navigate to follow register key and remove it too HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\12.0  Try run setup again, this solution must solve installation problem. Enjoy.

Print Word Document in C# – MS Office on Windows 64 bit Operation System – Error when you try Open Word Document or Print Word Document inside C#

When you try Open Word Document or Print Word Document inside C# Application on Windows 64 Operation System, you receive COM Object Error. For Example: object wordFileName = "c:\\temp\\test.docx";object unknown = System.Reflection.Missing.Value; object missing = Type.Missing; object readOnly = false; ApplicationClass wordApplication = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass(); wordApplication.Visible = false; // you may receive exception in next line Document wordDoc = wordApplication.Documents.Open(ref wordFileName, ref unknown, ref readOnly, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown, ref unknown);wordApplication.Application.Visible = false; wordApplication.WindowState = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.WdWindowState.wdWindowStateMinimize;object background = false; object printToFile = false;object printAllDocument...

SharePoint 2010 – Free Rotator Web Part – Images / News Rotator

23 במרץ 2011

Today I will write about many useful feature that many people search for show SharePoint list / picture library / news. This is Rotator Web Part from from Codeplex Site, you can download it from here: This is third post about codeplex solution that I recommend, because  I want to prevent from the people to spend there money when they buy the same solution from many primitive companies. The people need simple solutions for there needs. Enjoy.

SharePoint Designer 2010 – XSLT List View Web Parts – Using Header and Footer

In SharePoint Designer 2010 we can use two types of Data View Web Parts 1. The first web part is Empty Data View WP (DataFormWebPart  Web Part), You need select data source for show specific data. You can select "Header" or "Footer" checkbox in "Design" Ribbon.  After selecting you can see inside XSLT code two sections and you can add text or HTML code 2. The second Web Part is List Data View WP ( XsltListViewWebPart Web Part). In this WP you cann't select header or footer inside "Design" Ribbon. But you can insert header or footer manually inside XSLT code, you need locale this part of XSLT code: <xsl:template match="/" ddwrt:ghost="hide"> Header...

SharePoint 2010 – User Profile Syncronization Error – Error is displayed when enter to User Profile Application Definition Page.

22 במרץ 2011

After finish SharePoint 2010 installation you want to define User Profile Syncronization. The first you must start two relevant SharePoint services inside - SharePoint 2010 Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage Services on server: Start two SharePoint services: User Profile Service and User Profile Synchronization Service. After this goto SharePoint 2010 Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage service applications choose User Profile Service Application and error message is dispalyed  I search for solution this problem and found some people suggested reinstall SharePoint on the server, but I found this link: Author suggested solution for another problem and I tried this solution and...

SharePoint 2010 – Send Documents as attachments with SharePoint 2010 – Free "Sending e-mails from SharePoint documents" Solution

In previous post I wrote about free SharePoint Scan Document Solution. Today I write about another free Sharepoint Solution from Codeplex Site. Free Solution "Sending e-mails from SharePoint documents" allows to send document as attchment from SharePoint document libary. Here link to codeplex solution: Similar to SharePoint Scan Document Solution there are many companies those try to sale such solution, but why we need pay money when we can use the same solution for free. Enjoy and save money.

SharePoint 2010 – SharePoint Document Scanning – Free Scan Document Solution

21 במרץ 2011

Many people search for Scan Document Solution in SharePoint 2010. You can buy some solutions from many solution partners. For example: SharePoint Scanner Plug-in 2010 from WebSio company: But I recommend free scan document solution from codeplex site: You can download and use this solution for free and save money. I hope this solution help you realize your company requirements.  

SharePoint Designer 2010 – XSLT Filtering ( XSLT Filter ) in XSLT List View Web Parts.

In SharePoint Designer 2010 you can insert Data View Web Parts in two ways 1. The first way is Empty Data View WP - .DataFormWebPart  Web Part. You can put thia WP on page and after this insert data source for show specific data. In this WP you can filter data by specific data source field and XSLT condition.   After selecting "Add XSLT filtering" you can click on button "Edit" and write or choose XSLT Condition.    For example if we need show only events those will came after current time (XSLT condition on DateTime Calendar Field), we put XSLT condition: [number(translate(substring-after(@EventDate,' '), ':','')) >...