What's New? Team Dev = Team Dev + Team Data

29 בינואר 2009

According to Soma Microsoft recognize that developers are more and more doing a broader set of things. For example creating Databases, Tables, Stored Procedures and etc. As a result Microsoft had announced a change in the licensing offering and a new integrated Visual Studio Team System 2008 Development Edition is available now. "It brings the feature sets of Team Development Edition and Team Database Edition together and allows you to take advantage of the core tools for application development as well as the necessary tools for database development. This will provide you...
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טיפ: איך לבטל מנוי – לעיתון למשל

28 בינואר 2009

בדרך כלל כשאני מנסה לבטל מנוי, בין אם זה לעיתון או לכבלים או לכל דבר אחר אני חושש...חושש מהשיחה עם הנציגים שבצורה אגרסיבית ובכל כוחם מנסים למנוע את הביטול הזה. קרה מצב שבו הייתי צריך היום לבטל את המנוי שלי לעיתון...זה לא בגלל המצב הכלכלי...אבל רציתי לבטל. חנה, ידידתי הטובה מאחת החברות להן אני מייעץ סיפקה לי עצה: "פשוט תגיד שאתה עובר לחול" איך לא חשבתי על זה? התקשרתי, ביקשתי לבטל, הועברתי "למרכז המשכנעים". מרכז המשכנעים: למה אתה רוצה לעזוב? עניתי: אני עובר לחו"ל. מרכז המשכנעים: "למה?" אני: מה זה משנה? אני עובר! מרכז המשכנעים: טוב תודה. קצר...
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What Gives? Lock With Timeouts

27 בינואר 2009

The lock keyword in C# is used to synchronize threads and to allow a simple way to write thread-safe code. It has a really simple usage:lock (syncObject) { //do something } Behind the scenes the compiler will convert the code into:Monitor.Enter(syncObject); try { //do something } finally { Monitor.Exit(syncObject); } Having said that, the lock keyword can be dangerous because it can lead to deadlocks. In this post I will supply a small solution to this problem:  "Lock with timeouts". Consider this code:if (!Monitor.TryEnter(syncObject, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5)) { throw new ApplicationException("Timeout waiting for lock"); } try { //do something } finally { ...
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What's New? Team System Web Access 2008 Scalability Limits White Paper

25 בינואר 2009

Charles Sterling wrote that Microsoft had published a new white paper on Team System Web Access Scalability Limits. According to Charles: "This article explains the scalability limits of Team System Web Access and provides three workarounds to improve the total number of concurrent users that Web Access can support including a neat batch command that will recycle IIS and clean up the TSWA cache." So I had to check it out and after digging it for a while, here are the top notes I derived: It is not recommended to have more...
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What Gives? Web Access & Work Items View

Last week I visited a customer which is located in England. One of the many things we did is configuring the Web Access. The web access allows users to most of the operations that are available in the Team Explorer using a web browser. On thing that I really love is the work items view in the web access. One of the problems with the Team Explorer work items view (for instance when you execute a query) is that you cannot see the work items hierarchy. Let me explain that for a minute. Let say that your product...
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How To? Calculate Network Utilization

20 בינואר 2009

Problem Space Network utilization is an important performance indicator, in fact, there are four critical performance indicators: CPU, Memory, IO and Network. Having said that, how do you know that is your network utilization? I am sure you know that the Task Manager allow you to see the network utilization In Vista you can also use the Reliability and Performance Monitor But, what about windows performance counters? How can it be that Microsoft did not publish any performance counter for Network Utilization? If you are asking yourself "why do I need Network Utilization performance counter?",...
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What Gives? Fiddler Not Capturing Local Address

I have grown to love working with fiddler. Fiddler is a debugging proxy that allows you to monitor HTTP traffic (requests and responses). Lately I have encountered an issue within Fiddler that prevented it from capturing HTTP requests that were addressed to the localhost. After googling it I found Rick Strahl's post that share some light on the matter: "If you’re using Fiddler with a localhost or address you’ll find that Fiddler will not monitor requests. The reason for this is that local addresses typically bypass any proxies (and the network adapter in general) and so localhost...
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What Gives? Test Case Reuse

19 בינואר 2009

Have you ever thought of selling your test cases? I am pretty sure that most of you have not. This is not surprising because usually the Test Cases are written for internal usage and thus are not in such a quality that will allow you to "sell" them or even to "reuse" them internally, right? Have you ever thought why nobody sells them? I believe that there are several reasons, here are two of them: Never thought about Test Cases as an assets. The code is purely designed and implemented. According to Microsoft, this...
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What Gives? Team Foundation Server Single Machine Installation Check List

So, you want to install team foundation server...It is about time :) This post is referring to those of you who already decided on Team Foundation Server and tools as an ALM supporting platform and want to set up the machines that will host the Team Foundation Server. For those of you who just want to play with it for either evaluation or for learning, I suggest you use a Virtual PC (an image) or a trail version. The Basics Prepare one machine and virtual machine. The first machine will hold the team foundation server that will...
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What's New? Windows Live Writer

16 בינואר 2009

Microsoft had release a new version for Windows Live Writer (version 14.0.8050.1202). "Windows Live Writer makes it easy to share your photos and videos on almost any blog service. With Writer, you can preview everything you’re adding to your blog, and see exactly how the fonts, spacing, colors, and images will look, before you publish. It's fast and easy to make photos and videos look great on your blog. You can even create a photo album—just select the style you want and Writer takes care of the rest. Writer is already packed with useful...
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