How To? Be The Last One To Be Fired

19 בדצמבר 2008

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These are surely difficult times. Every day we keep hearing of new scandals, corruptions, companies going out of business and so forth. That brings me back seven years, to the year 2001 where companies went out of business, no new investments where made, people got fired and the market collapsed.

Remember? Those were times of uncertainty. Well, its back!

As a company, the management should take care of us the employees. The CEO should steer the boat to the right location. He should keep us safe. This is why he is the captain! So, as a company we put our trust in the CEO…and hopefully he knows what he is doing. My good friend always say:

"Do not worry about things you cannot change"

In a sense, he is right. There is so much one person can do to help a (big) company…so why warring about it?

On times like this, we should sit down and think. We need to think about how to insure our future. What do we bring to the organization / company? Can we improve ourselves? Can we put a little more efforts or contribute more?

This post is aimed to try and explain for you what I do in order to insure that I will be the last one to get fired from my company and the first one to find a new company.

Be The Last One To Be Fired

It is important to mentioned again that this is how I insure my future.

  • Be the best you can at what you do – I know this should go with out saying but still I think I should say it. Everyday, try to be your best, don't do shortcuts, in the long run they will hart you. Build expertise on fields that are of values to your organization or to the target customers.
  • Be an eager learner – Keep on learning and improving. I am an eager learner. I love new technologies and improving myself. I read over 100 RSS per day, 1 book per month and 1 article per day. Doing so allows me to lead my organization to new directions even though I am not the one to take these decisions. It allows the company to offer new services and etc. It allows the company to deliver better software.
  • Be The Go to guy – Strive to be the go to guy. Make everybody know that you are the one they should go to when they have a question or a problem.
  • Be a people person – People skills the one of the most important sparks one should have. Being a people person will allow you to know what is going on in the company. It will allow you to gain friends that may help you later.
  • Establish Relations – good relations within your organization can help a lot. If you have good relations with your manager, he can back you up when time comes. It can help you progress and so forth.
  • Establish a good reputation and make your marks – There is a saying that when a person dies, all that is left is his reputation. Ironically, when a person leaves or get fired from a work place, is much like he died. Try and make everybody to miss you. Try people think and say "we cannot do it without him", "he was good", "he did a good job", "he was an expert". Be the one that everyone thinks that "we cannot do without him". You reputation in the organization and outside it is very important to help you keep you job.
  • Contribute to the organization – Find some extra credit tasks you can do and enjoy that will contribute to both the company and yourself. I lecture, help setting events and represent my company at big events on the industry.

Having listed all of the above, that does not guaranty anything. I cannot promise that you will be the last one to be fired, however it will surely help!

The most important thing to remember is that you need to be of big value to your organization. Do you consider yourself as one?

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9 תגובות

  1. Gil Fink19 בדצמבר 2008 ב 15:01

    Sometimes being the best is not enough but surely it can help and probably it'll make you the last man standing. From my experience, who you are and how you perform in difficult times like now can help you survive even if you are not answering to the topics you wrote. It like chess, you have to plan ahead and must have plans for every situation.

  2. Ed20 בדצמבר 2008 ב 7:52

    But what if my co-workers are also reading this?

  3. Ravi20 בדצמבר 2008 ב 14:28

    What about if manager is a old bloke, who does not like your new ideas?

  4. FacebookAppCreation20 בדצמבר 2008 ב 15:22

    On a technology front, I always believe that being abreast with the latest trends always helps the company.
    If an employee is well aware with the latest market trends in technical aspects then I believe that every company will require him to keep on the bot unless the company runs out of the business.

  5. Bob Saggett20 בדצמבר 2008 ב 17:35


    learn the lessons of the last recession. Rather than being desperate to please, put your spare time into learning marketable skills – even if your current employer doesn't need them.

    An experien I have shared with many is being the last man standing. Unfortunately I was doing the work of all the other people who had left, most of which found other, better jobs or started their own consultancy businesses.

    Made me wish I had been the first to go.

  6. Jacob from JobMob21 בדצמבר 2008 ב 9:22

    Everything can be summed up in successfully Being the Go To Guy. For that to happen, all the other points need to be happening as well.

    Good list, Stumbled it for you

  7. Philip Andrew21 בדצמבר 2008 ב 16:42

    Here is the best way to not get fired, write software that requires you are around to maintain it. Make sure no-one else can understand the code base so the loss of yourself will be a greater loss to the company.
    Brown-nose up to the management, learn to say phrases like "the key issue here is" – when you don't really know what to say – you sound confident at least at the start, watch and read politicians and copy their phrases. It impresses people.
    Create a culture of blame, where blame is a currency. Transfer blame to other programmers, ensure their errors are highlighted. People who have to defend themselves look weak.

    Have fun 😉

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